Become a Forward Kentucky Sponsor today!

Sponsors are companies or organizations who believe in the work of Forward Kentucky and want to support it monetarily. And just as Patrons get certain benefits for their support, Sponsors get certain benefits for helping us do the work.

Sponsorship Levels

There are four levels of sponsorship, based on how much money you wish to donate. Each level is worth a certain number of points.

Sponsorship TypeMonetary DonationPoints Available
Contributor$100 – $299200 points
Benefactor$300 – $499400 points
Champion$500 – $999600 points
Underwriter$1,000 and beyond800 points

Sponsorship Perks

All sponsors get listed on our Sponsors page with your name, your logo, and links to your site and social media channels.

In addition, sponsors can use the points listed above to mix-and-match from the following recognition types:

  • Recognition block at the end of a story on the site – 50 points
  • Podcast spot (30-second) – 50 points
  • Podcast spot (60-second) – 100 points
  • “Sponsor of the Week” block on front page of the site for a week – 400 points

Remember, Forward Kentucky is not a non-profit, so these are not charitable donations. They are, essentially, a monetary donation in return for a certain amount of recognition (i.e., advertising). Of course, a sponsor can give money to the work and choose to remain anonymous, if they choose.

Becoming a Sponsor

It is simple to become a sponsor! Just enter your email and organization name in the boxes below, then click the Buy Now button. You will be taken to a Paypal screen where you will enter the amount of your sponsorship. Then, you’ll be able to either use a Paypal account, or enter a credit card. Once the transaction is completed, you will be redirected to a Thank-You page here on Forward Kentucky. We will then be in touch to work with you on your perks, including choosing and scheduling them.

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