Become a Forward Kentucky sponsor today!

Sponsors are non-profits, activist groups, or campaigns who believe in the work of Forward Kentucky and want to support it monetarily, AND who want to get their message to a very specific audience – the people who read, watch, and listen to Forward Kentucky. To make it easy for them to do so, we have put in place a very simple sponsorship process.

How It Works

When a non-profit, activist group, or campaign purchases a sponsorship, we will share their sponsorship message (see below). They are given a choice of putting their message on the website, in one of our newsletters, in a podcast, or any combination of these. They are also given a choice of when they want their sponsorship message to start and end.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • Display message on website: $0.01 per view (we don’t charge for click-throughs)
  • Message in newsletter: $0.10 per opened email
  • Message in podcast or videocast: $0.10 per download

The payment is made before the message starts running, so the sponsor gets as many views, opens, and/or downloads as they have paid for.

Example: ABC Incorporated wants to run their sponsorship message in the Forward Five. They purchase $150 worth of sponsorship. Once we start running their sponsorship message, we run it until it has appeared in 1,500 opened emails. If a particular Forward Five goes to 400 people, but only 200 open it, then that uses up $20 of ABC’s purchase.

Remember, Forward Kentucky is not a non-profit, so these are not charitable donations. They are advertising purchases.

The Sponsorship Message

If you have listened to public radio, you are familiar with the format of the sponsorship message. Here is an example that could run at any time:

This newsletter is brought to you by Our Good Charity of Kentucky, who reminds you to support our “Boxtops for Books” campaign by sending your boxtops to 1234 First Street, Somewhere, Kentucky.

And here is an example that would need to run at a specific time:

This podcast is brought to you by Run for Good, coming up on August 5th in Lexington. Sign up today at Early sign-ups get a 20% discount!

Once someone purchases a sponsorship, we will work with them to craft their message, choose the best vehicle (website, newsletter, or podcast/videocast), and set the timing.

Doing a Banner Ad Instead

If you prefer, you can use a banner ad instead. These are limited to being on the web site or newsletter. We think sponsor messages are usually better, since most people skip over banner ads when reading. But, the choice is up to you.

Becoming a Sponsor

It is simple to become a sponsor! Just enter your email and organization name in the boxes below, then click the Buy Now button. You will be taken to a Paypal screen where you can enter the amount of your sponsorship. Then, you’ll be able to either use a Paypal account, or enter a credit card. Once the transaction is completed, you will be redirected to a Thank-You page here on Forward Kentucky. We will then be in touch to work with you on your sponsorship, including the message and the timing.

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