Our New Show Launches Thursday!

"The State of Kentucky" comes to Kentucky!


For some time, we have wanted to do a news-and-commentary show using video, but we were worried that we couldn’t afford the budget to make it look as classy as we would like. We’ve decided, though, that we cannot wait until we can afford a studio and such, because we need to expand our progressive voice across the state. So we’ve decided to go for it!

This Thursday, then, we will post the first episode of our new show, “The State of Kentucky.” It will be a combination of news, analysis, and commentary, with short interviews intermixed with story-telling, and a closing commentary. Our model, frankly, is a combination of the Rachel Maddow show and the editorial page of a quality newspaper. (We certainly aim high, don’t we?)

We considered for a long time just where to post the show (YouTube? Vimeo?), but in the end we decided to do the following:

  • Post the complete show on our website, so that the traffic comes there and not somewhere else.
  • Also post the show broken out into segments, as some people prefer to watch/listen to just one part.
  • Post the audio of the show in our podcast feed, available through iTunes, Spotify, or directly through the podcast web site, as well as posting it on our site.
  • Post teaser clips on Facebook, and eventually on YouTube as well.

Frankly, this is a scary new venture for us, and a test of our ability to combine news and commentary and have credibility in both. Our goal for this is not to become some sort of internet star (LOL), but to take our voice and make it even stronger. We HAVE to have our own media channels to counter the right-wing viewpoints and spin that are often the only voices being heard.

So, here we go. It’s going to be low-budget, and it will look like it. Let’s hope that the value of the content overcomes the production values. If YOU think it does, share it with others and let’s build an audience that supports progressive values … and progressive media.

Check back Thursday to view the first episode of “The State of Kentucky”!


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