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Andy Barr breaks with Trump over vow to end birthright citizenship

Rep. Andy Barr broke step with President Trump over the citizenship rights of U.S.-born children whose parents are undocumented immigrants.
Screen shot from CLF ad about Aftab Pureval

Ryan runs ugliest ads of the year; Barr campaigns with him anyway

Paul Ryan's PAC has run some of the "most inflammatory" ads of this election. Nevertheless, Andy Barr welcomed him to KY this week to campaign together.

You’ve heard plenty of claims about Amy McGrath and Andy Barr. Here’s the truth.

You've seen and heard the ads. How accurate are they, really? Here’s a check on four statements made by Barr, McGrath, and the groups that support them.

Down at the Dollar Store in KY-06

One shopper overhears other shoppers talking politics in Kentucky's sixth district, and it's not what she was expecting. An on-the-ground report from KY-06!
Composite photo of VP Joe Biden and Pres Donald Trump, from official photos by David Lienemann and Shealah Craighead

Both Biden and Trump coming to KY this weekend

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are campaigning in Kentucky this coming weekend, hoping to influence the race for the sixth district seat in the U.S. House.

Andy Barr doesn’t care

Here's the basic point of this post: Donald Trump is a grifter, an unindicted co-conspirator, and a Russian asset. And Andy Barr doesn't care.

McGrath-Barr debates: 1 both, 1 her, 1 him

Getting Amy McGrath and Andy Barr on the same stage at the same time is proving to be difficult, with only one confirmed debate, and that one not scheduled.
Screen shots of tweets by Hannah Thornton

KDP calls out former McConnell aide in Barr ad for racist tweets

The Kentucky Democratic Party issued a press release pointing out various tweets by Hannah Thornton, who appears in multiple ads for Andy Barr.

‘I am more progressive…’ McGrath statement at fundraiser featured in Barr attack ad

The Andy Barr campaign has released another ad attacking Amy McGrath, with this one based on comments the Barr campaign says she made at a fundraiser.

McGrath posts new ad in response to Barr attacks

Barr starts the attack ads, so Amy McGrath answers with an ad of her own. Not really an attack ad – just laying out the truth about Barr's voting record.

KDP staffer roughed up at Barr event (updated with apology)

A staff member from the Kentucky Democratic Party was roughed up at an Andy Barr campaign event in Lexington on Wednesday night.

“Feminist. Progressive.” Barr attack ad says those qualities make McGrath too liberal.

Facing his toughest re-election battle, Andy Barr launched an ad Monday that seeks to define Dem opponent Amy McGrath as “too liberal for Kentucky.”

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