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Beshear says Bevin restrictions on access to Kentucky Capitol invalid

The Bevin administration's regulation restricting public access of the state Capitol is invalid, AG Andy Beshear said in a legal opinion Thursday.
The Supreme Court building (by Mr. Kjetil Ree; CC BY-SA 3.0 via

AG Beshear tells leges: Fetal heartbeat bill is unconstitutional

AG Beshear sent a letter to the leaders of the General Assembly today, telling them that SB 9, the fetal heartbeat bill, is unconstitutional.

Beshear says he will ‘lead the fight’ against ruling on Obamacare, then demurs, saying...

After a Texas judge declared Obamacare unconstitutional, AG Beshear said he would "lead the fight" against the ruling, but later pulled back somewhat.
Opening graph in Mason-Dixon poll document

Early poll is bad news for Bevin

The Mason-Dixon polling company is out with a new Kentucky poll on the 2019 governor's race, and it's bad news for Matt Bevin.

Matt Bevin calls Kentucky pension ruling an ‘unprecedented power grab’

In his response to the pension bill ruling, Governor Matt Bevin said the ruling was "an unprecedented power grab by activist judges."

Pension ruling hands victory to Andy Beshear over Gov. Matt Bevin

The KYSOC ruling against the pension reform bill handed a decisive victory to state AG Andy Beshear, at the expense of Gov. Bevin, who pushed for the law.

Beshear donates $14,000 to atone for tainted contributions

AG Andy Beshear says he has donated more than $14,000 from his 2015 campaign to make up for tainted contributions orchestrated by his former chief deputy.
Charlotte Goddard, candidate for state House district 2

MOKP: Charlotte Goddard, WV Gov. Jim Justice’s KY tax bill, and Andy Beshear’s fundraising

In this week's podcast, we talked w/ Charlotte Goddard, H-02 candidate. There's also WV Gov Jim Justice's tax bill, and Andy Beshear's fundraising. Enjoy!

How Andy Beshear could be a hero

As Andy Beshear continues his run for governor in 2019, some have complained about it, especially his fund-raising. Here's an idea for him to consider.

Andy Beshear raises money with firm that may get payday in opioid suit

KY gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear held a fundraiser with members of a law firm his office is fighting to award what could be a lucrative contract.
Kentucky Wired Logo

Republicans launch third investigation of Beshears, this time over broadband contract.

Republicans in the General Assembly have launched a third investigation into a member of the Beshear family, this time over the Kentucky Wired project.
Air Force family adopts Ukrainian child

Beshear: $60,000 termination fee paid to Bevin’s child welfare adviser was illegal

The contract the Bevin administration had with Daniel Dumas was invalid, AG Beshear said Thursday, so therefore the termination fee was also illegal.

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