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Where is the Board of Elections?

As we've been covering the Jim Glenn election challenge story, I've been struck by the absence of the state Board of Elections in the proceedings.

The Alison Grimes – ProPublica story

A Herald-Leader/ProPublica story alleges that Alison Grimes's staff used their access to voter rolls to look up job applicants and politicians.

State BOE reaffirms Grimes; Dearing stands by his letter

The state Board of Elections affirmed Alison Grimes's role, responsibilities, and rights, in answer to the claims brought by the BOE exec director Dearing.
From left, then-Assistant to the Director Matthew Selph, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, and then-Executive Director Maryellen Allen at a meeting of the Kentucky State Board of Elections in Frankfort. (Photo by Daniel Desrochers, ddesrochers@herald-leader.com)

Another Kentucky elections staffer accuses Grimes of misusing voter data

The exec director of the BOE accused SoS Grimes of chipping away at the election system's checks and balances, & called for an ethics investigation.

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