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Maria Sorolis (photo provided by candidate)

Maria Sorolis is “bullish on the American dream”

Maria Sorolis says hard work and education can lead to success, but only if we have government that actually helps. That's why she's running for KY House.

Al Gentry will never quit

Al Gentry has made a personal commitment to those who are struggling and less fortunate; they will have a voice in Frankfort. He will never quit.

Darrell Link – your link to good government

Darrell Link has been a leader in his community and statewide, as both a local judge-executive and a statewide executive director.

Yonts wants you to remember in November!

All his life, Brent Yonts helped other people. His drive for public service is why he wants to go back to Frankfort to serve his community once more.

Jeff Greer brings small business experience to Frankfort

Jeff Greer has taken his business experience and applied it to his time in Frankfort, speaking up for small businesses and the families in his community.

Maurice Sweeney: an advocate for the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised

Maurice Sweeney hopes to inspire others to “go beyond the conversation” and to challenge incumbents whose leadership has become outdated or ineffective.

Angie Hatton: a fighter for the mountains

It’s not often that a new elected official doesn’t get challenged for re-election, but for Angie Hatton, it’s proof of how well she represents her district.

Wilson Stone will fight for education

As a school board member, Wilson Stone knows the struggles school districts face when they don’t get the support they need from state government.

Jeff Donohue stands for community

Jeff Donohue is connected to the district he serves: “I married my wife Colleen, we bought our house, and we raised our three children in District 37.”

Tom Burch continues to improve the lives of Kentuckians

Tom Burch has spent much of his life working to improve the lives of at-risk Kentuckians, and is a valuable member of our political community.

Rob Walker: Frankfort is a mess; it’s time for a change

“The legislature has forgotten our working families, hurt our schools, stifled our teachers, forgotten our drug crisis, and trampled rights." – Rob Walker

Webb’s experience helps her district

Robin Webb's variety of experiences and community involvement, combined with her experience in Frankfort, make her the best choice for the 18th District.

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