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Vaping (photo by Lindsay Fox at her blog [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Tobacco-free school bill moves to full House; passage expected

A bill to make Kentucky school properties tobacco-free passed unanimously out of the House health committee, and will be voted on Monday, Feb. 11.
Lit cigarette (photo by Tomasz Sienicki [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Edelen puts forth two-step tobacco platform

In an email sent out earlier today, gubernatorial candidate Adam Edelen released two planks of his platform having to do with tobacco use in Kentucky.
State representative Kim Moser (official photo)

House health panel’s new chair starts fast, with bills to ban school tobacco use,...

Rep. Kim Moser says she has the votes to make schools tobacco-free, urge medical-marijuana research, and make it easier to get treatment for addiction.

Video F5 – Pension, poison, guns, and cigarettes

Today's video version of the Forward Five: Plusses and minuses of the pension bill; Kentucky poison control center cut; Chris Harris, D-KY93, turns back on NRA and says it's time to do something about guns; Cigarette tax lobbying shows interest in bill; Letter sent to UofL prez over Vickie Glisson contract.

Why We Need To Raise the Cigarette Tax

What if you could improve health, reduce addictions, and raise money, all at the same time? Sound good? Then we agree: it's time to raise the cigarette tax.

Your Children Are Being Hurt by Third-Hand Smoke

New study shows that children, especially young ones, can be harmed by "third-hand smoke," even if adults are careful not to smoke in their presence.

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