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TVA's Paradise Coal Plant (photo by Tennessee Valley Authority [public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

A Kentucky coal plant is too expensive, but Trump and Bevin want to keep...

Trump and Bevin are pressuring TVA to keep a coal-fired power plant operating, even though the utility has concluded that the plant is unreliable.

West Virginia governor still owes millions needed by struggling Kentucky schools

Jim Justice, the WVa governor, has paid his company's debts in West Virginia, but still owes millions to East Kentucky school districts.

DOI official met w/ lobbyists, then cancelled study of health effects of strip-mining

A Dept of the Interior administrator met multiple times with energy lobbyists and execs, then cancelled a study on the health effects of strip-mining.

NO, net metering is not “anti-coal”

The biggest slice of baloney in the debate over net metering is that it's hurting coal, and that the Kentucky Legislature’s bill to kill net-metering is somehow pro-coal.

Did environmental rules kill mining? For coal country, that’s yesterday’s debate

People in coal country aren’t waiting around for their mining jobs to return, say researchers who met with focus groups in Appalachian coal communities.

Pruitt’s Deceitful Repeal of the “War on Coal”

Scott Pruitt came to Kentucky to declare the end of the "war on coal." But the WoC isn’t over because it never started, and Pruitt knows that.

How Coal Rhetoric Hurts Mining Communities

A new report on the mining decline concludes that people in coal country would be better served if politicians would act on reality rather than rhetoric.

The People of the Coal

I am a fourth generation coal miner—or rather, I was. Let me tell you what it's like to be People of the Coal ... and what we really want.

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