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CovCath reconsidered

As more and more information has surfaced in the Covington Catholic incident last weekend, I want to update our coverage with more of my own thoughts.
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

Two stories in the news: Covington Catholic and legislator sexual harassment

On this week's podcast, Robert & Jazmin discuss stories that reflect badly on Kentucky: the CovCath controversy, and the ongoing sexual harassment story.

Follow-up on the CovCath story

I want to share a short follow-up on my earlier posts about the incident involving the Covington Catholic students and Nathan Phillips, the tribal elder.

Covington Catholic: Expulsion is the wrong answer

I want to expand on a short Twitter thread I put up last night, about Covington Catholic expelling the students in the viral videos.

SOS Grimes calls on Covington Catholic to denounce students’ behavior

SOS Alison Grimes has released a statement regarding viral videos apparently showing Covington Catholic students taunting Native Americans.

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