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Caricatures of the GOP elephant and the Dem donkey (by DonkeyHotey [CC 2.0] via Flickr)

Think there’s “no difference” between the parties? You’re really, really wrong.

“There’s not much difference between the two parties," is the lamest excuse ever for not voting. Want proof? Berry Craig's got it for you, right here.
Map of Kentucky broken into urban, suburban, and rural types (by Robert Kahne)

The rural-urban divide in Kentucky, analyzed

You've been hearing about the growing rural-urban divide in Kentucky politics, but Robert Kahne can SHOW it to you. How can KY Dems overcome it?
House vote by county (graph by Robert Kahne)

Dem maps change for the worse across the state

Dems drew the House districts in the last redistricting, but those district maps have gone from favoring Dems to favoring Repubs. Why?

THIS is why we are progressive Democrats.

Watch this video. It explains clearly what Democrats stand for, and WHO they stand for. It is both accurate and inspiring, and worth watching AND sharing.

Hey Democrats – where’s your diversity?

The KYGA budget conference committee is 20 white males. Nothing wrong with white males – but last I checked, there are some women living in Kentucky. And some people of color, too. Unfortunately, though, Dems in Frankfort have kept leadership to one gender and race. And that's a problem.

How did a Dem win a bright-red Trump district?

How did Conor Lamb win in a 2016 +20 Donald Trump district? Jon Favreau explains it in one tweet, with a list of what Lamb ran on.
Rocky Adkins

Rocky Adkins on the Bevin Budget

In this excerpt from the 1/19/18 "State of Kentucky" show, House Democratic caucus chair Rocky Adkins shares his thoughts on the Bevin budget, including what Dems plan to do about it.

Can KY Dems Win Like VA Dems?

Kentucky Democrats are jubilant—and Republicans maybe jittery—after the recent Dem sweep in Virginia. Can Dems in the Bluegrass match that result in 2018?

Herb Pritchett Has a Message for Dems

Dem activist Herb Pritchett doesn’t mince words about his party’s predicament. “We're not going to win just by being against Trump and against Bevin."

Have Democrats Lost Kentucky Permanently?

Not since the heyday of Henry Clay and the Whigs have Kentucky Democrats been in such dire straits. But is the Republican takeover permanent?

Young Dem Says “We’re Coming Back”

Are the Democrats poised to hit the comeback trail in Kentucky? One of the red state Bluegrass State’s youngest Democratic leaders says Yes!

Edelen and Jones: “Same Old Stuff” Won’t Work

In an interview with Forward Kentucky, Adam Edelen and Matt Jones of the New Kentucky Project say that for Dems, the "same old stuff" just won't cut it.

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