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Adam Edelen interview! Plus, Alison Lundergan Grimes and the board of elections, the tied...

On this week's MOKP podcast, we've got an interview with Adam Edelen, candidate for governor. Robert & Jazmin also look at the recount, and more!
Lit cigarette (photo by Tomasz Sienicki [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Edelen puts forth two-step tobacco platform

In an email sent out earlier today, gubernatorial candidate Adam Edelen released two planks of his platform having to do with tobacco use in Kentucky.
2015 form 1040 (US Federal Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Holland’s answer on tax returns is the wrong answer

When asked about releasing tax returns, candidate Gill Holland said he would not be releasing his. It was the wrong answer. Here's why.
Screen shot of home page of fake site "EdelenHolland2019.com"

So who created the fake Edelen-Holland web site?

I was looking around for a good photo of Gill Holland to use with the tax return story, and couldn't find one. So, I...

Bevin was ripped for not sharing his tax returns. Now a Democrat won’t

Dems have criticized Gov. Bevin over not sharing his tax returns. But now Adam Edelen's running mate is also declining to disclose that information.
Adam Edelen

Adam Edelen joins the fray – Ex-auditor raising money for Kentucky governor race

The 2019 Democratic primary for governor grew by one Thursday when former state auditor Adam Edelen’s campaign filed paperwork to raise money for the race.
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

Perry Bacon Jr, special session/SCOKY ruling, Edelen for governor, & much more!

The latest MOKP podcast features political writer and KY native Perry Bacon from 538. Also, ALL the events from the past week. Listen right here!
Louisville businessman and entrepreneur Gill Holland (photo courtesy of Venture Connectors)

Louisville businessman Gill Holland may team up with Edelen on run for governor

Louisville businessman and developer Gill Holland hinted he might sign up as Adam Edelen’s running mate if the former state auditor runs for governor.

Edelen: Medicaid work requirements are costly, intrusive

Gov. Matt Bevin’s work requirements for Medicaid recipients will produce a new bureaucracy that is costly, intrusive, and doomed to fail.

New Kentucky Project condemns Republican sneak attack

The legislative members of The New Kentucky Project—an initiative founded to promote the introduction of new ideas and new leaders into Kentucky’s stale political system—offered a scathing critique of both the disastrous policies and lack of transparency produced by this session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

Have Democrats Lost Kentucky Permanently?

Not since the heyday of Henry Clay and the Whigs have Kentucky Democrats been in such dire straits. But is the Republican takeover permanent?

Edelen and Jones: “Same Old Stuff” Won’t Work

In an interview with Forward Kentucky, Adam Edelen and Matt Jones of the New Kentucky Project say that for Dems, the "same old stuff" just won't cut it.

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