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Rep. Jim Glenn (photo from campaign Facebook page)

The Jim Glenn Case – Home page – Updated 12/11/18

After winning his Kentucky House race by one vote, and having that outcome certified by the State Board of Elections, Jim Glenn finds the...

Glenn’s lawyer, Anna Whites, issues press release

Jim Glenn's legal team, led by Frankfort lawyer Anna Whites, issued a press release on Monday, December 10, to accompany Glenn's Answer & Objection filing.
(photo by kitamin via Shutterstock)

Glenn files response to Repub attack on election results

Representative-elect Jim Glenn has filed his response to the challenge raised by the losing Repub in the race. Here are the key points of the filing.

Repub skips recount, appeals to House to win

After losing his race by one vote, Republican D.J. Johnson has bypassed the normal recount process and appealed directly to the KY House.
Paper ballot voting in California (by Peter Merholz from Berkeley, CA; CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Seven vote recanvasses scheduled

Vote totals from last week's elections have been reported to the Secretary of State's office, and now seven races are going to be recanvassed.
Bruce Maples (square)

Bruce Maples, election results, and news (MOKP)

This week's show features a discussion of election results, including trends for the future. And, we welcome Bruce Maples of ForwardKY to the show!

Recanvass looms in 13th District House race

Every voter that chose Jim Glenn may be the person that proved every vote counts, but a recanvass could soon be underway in the 13th House district race.
Candidate Joe Cunningham (campaign photo)

Joe Cunningham, Kentucky’s “extra” Congressman

Joe Cunningham, the son of Justice Bill Cunningham, won an upset victory in South Carolina's first district, and becomes our "extra" congressman.
Graph of KY House races with Democratic candidates, 2014-2016-2018

By the numbers – how KY Dems actually did on Tuesday

By now you know that pundits are saying that the "blue wave" was more of a ripple in Kentucky. But what do you see when you actually dig into the numbers?

Emerge Kentucky has impact on 2018 election with 27 wins by program grads

Emerge Kentucky had a noticeable impact on the 2018 elections in Kentucky, with 27 alumnae scoring victories at the polls.
Paper ballot voting in California (by Peter Merholz from Berkeley, CA; CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

2018 Midterms – overview of what happened

The 2018 Midterms are mostly history, except for a few recounts and a lot of hot takes. So, here are the basics of what went down on Tuesday.
Lady Liberty crying (by bluecrayola via Shutterstock.com)

Will we lose our democracy on Tuesday?

This election could be the most significant threat to our democracy since at least the Civil War, and perhaps ever. Alarmist? Read and see what YOU think.