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Emerge Kentucky has impact on 2018 election with 27 wins by program grads

Emerge Kentucky had a noticeable impact on the 2018 elections in Kentucky, with 27 alumnae scoring victories at the polls.

Emerge Kentucky breaks multiple records with 55 women on the ballot

Emerge Kentucky breaks multiple records with 55 alumnae on the ballot: 60% are first-time candidates, 33% are educators, and 25% are women of color.
Blair Haydon, executive director of Emerge Kentucky

Blair Haydon of Emerge Kentucky

This "Moving Kentucky Forward" podcast is with Blair Haydon, director of Emerge Kentucky. We talk about all the women running, and this fall's election.

Emerge Kentucky places 51 women on the fall ballot (w/ docs)

You know Emerge KY has been training Dem women to run for office for years. What you may NOT know is HOW MANY of their graduates are running THIS YEAR.

“The Year of the Woman” – and Emerge Kentucky helped make it so

Need more proof that 2018 really is the year of the Democratic woman in Bluegrass State politics? Check out these statistics: Fifty-three Emerge Kentucky graduates or enrollees will be on the ballot. Twenty-three filed for the May 22 Democratic primary in state House and Senate races.

Emerge Kentucky – Shaking up the Republican Old Boy Network

A study noted that KY is ranked 47 out of 50 states in the percentage of state officeholders who are female. Emerge Kentucky is out to change all that.

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