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A settlement w/o a settlement: JCPS got played

The JCPS school board was handed a settlement without a settlement, and four of them voted to sign it anyway. The conclusion is simple: JCPS got played.

JCPS board votes 4-3 to approve settlement to avoid state takeover

JCPS approved a controversial deal with the state to avoid a takeover, thus avoiding the appeals process, but also giving the state some veto powers.
JCPS Takeover

What’s really behind the state takeover of JCPS?

If you haven't followed this closely, or think it's only about performance, then there/s more to understand. And, it could spread to the rest of the state.
JCPS Faux Report Card Front

Who put out those “JCPS report cards”?

Some group put out anonymous "JCPS report cards" across Louisville, urging people to support the state takeover. The same care wound up on a web site. How?
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

They’re Here Already! The Invasion of the Public School Snatchers

The Invasion of the Public School Snatchers has begun, as some cranks left faux "JCPS report card" at homes across the district. Let's grade the grades.

So how did that state takeover work out for Detroit?

Sometimes, by being a Johnny-Come-Lately, you can learn from what came before. So, what can we learn from the state takeover of Detroit public schools?

Brent McKim of JCTA

Brent McKim, the head of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, joins us to talk about the proposed takeover, the upcoming contract, and what he thinks of the comments and emails that have been made public in the past few weeks.

Bevin dismisses lawsuit chance, attacks judges and “liberals”

Gov. Matt Bevin says he is confident that the JCPS takeover will ultimately withstand any legal challenge, though he said such a lawsuit might prevail at the trial court level where he said Kentucky has many incompetent judges.
JCPS Takeover

Think the JCPS takeover is wrong? Here’s who to call.

If you think the JCPS takeover by the state is a train wreck of an idea—and you want to do something about it—we've got you covered. Here are the names, phone numbers, and emails of the state Board of Education, who have to approve it.

JCPS takeover: it’s NOT about education

If you believe that the state JCPS takeover is about education, I've got a bridge to sell you. Oh, the usual suspects will say the usual things about "doing what's best for our children." But do not be fooled. The JCPS takeover has been planned for months, and is NOT about education.

Interim ed commish recommends JCPS takeover

Kentucky's interim education commissioner recommended on Monday that the state assume control of Jefferson County Public Schools. The JCPS takeover recommendation was the outcome of a months-long audit by the state of JCPS.

Silly Season on the Education Committee

At an Education Cmte meeting, Republican members tried to make JCPS into a punching bag. But, their attacks wound up boomeranging back into their own faces.

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