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Representative Jim Glenn at his desk in the House chambers after being sworn in (photo via Anna Whites)

Glenn lawyer argues for dismissal in election challenge

In a filing on Thursday, the lawyer for Rep. Jim Glenn presented five arguments for either deciding in Glenn's favor or dismissing the case entirely.

Glenn files motion to dismiss challenge as moot, due to seating

Jim Glenn has called on the House to dismiss the election challenge, since now that he is seated, the only action the House can take is impeachment.
Representative Jim Glenn at his desk in the House chambers after being sworn in (photo via Anna Whites)

Glenn seated; challenge process begins

As the 2019 General Assembly began, Jim Glenn was seated as a member of the House. However, the process to challenge his election began soon after.
Top of Memorandum alleging bias in Glenn challenge process

Lawyers allege bias in Glenn case, say challenge is “fatally flawed”

Jim Glenn has filed a memo stating that the challenge filed against him has been "irreparably tainted" by the actions of Speaker-elect David Osborne.
Rep. Jim Glenn (photo from campaign Facebook page)

Glenn legal team files ethics challenge to Osborne, seeks documents

The complaint claims public funds were used to pay for the election challenge. The Glenn team has also asked for a ruling on their open records request.
Richard Nixon during the David Frost interviews (screenshot of YouTube video)

A Nixonian decision in Frankfort

"If the President does it, that means it's legal." A famous quote by Richard Nixon, that now seems to apply to a ruling in Frankfort.
David Osborne (LRC photo)

Glenn files motion to compel Osborne to testify

The Glenn legal team filed a motion asking the court to "compel" speaker-elect David Osborne to testify under oath for a deposition in the election case.
The filing with the House Clerk where Johnson's lawyers withdraw (screen shot of PDF of filing)

Johnson lawyers withdraw, cancel deposition of Daviess County clerk

The lawyers for D.J. Johnson have withdrawn from his Glenn election challenge. And, they have cancelled the deposition of the Daviess Co clerk.

Osborne accepts subpoena, but refuses to be deposed

House speaker-elect David Osborne has accepted service of a subpoena from the Jim Glenn legal team, but is still refusing to be deposed.

House speaker David Osborne subpoenaed to testify in Jim Glenn election contest

The legal team for Jim Glenn has subpoenaed House Speaker-Elect David Osborne to ask him about actions and payments in the case.
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

Owensboro drama, moving statues, a story about dentistry, and more!

This week's MOKP podcast includes: Jim Glenn, the Prentice statue, the $620,000 UK is paying, the "pink tax," and the Farm Bill ... plus Quick Hits!
Ben Self, chair of KDP (photo by Berry Craig)

Sign the KDP petition calling on GOP to seat Glenn in KY House

The KY Democratic Party has started a petition calling on the House GOP to seat Jim Glenn when the General Assembly convenes in January. Sign it here!

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