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Medicaid suit re-filed, claims KY HEALTH still violates the law

Sixteen Kentuckians have re-filed a federal lawsuit to block the roll-out of the revised Medicaid program, KY HEALTH, claiming it still breaks the law.
(photo by Yomosa [CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons)

Poll shows wide majority of Kentuckians oppose cutting Medicaid

A new poll shows that KY voters by 2-to-1 believe the state should leave Medicaid as it is, with no reductions in the number of people who are covered.
Hospital waiting room (photo by Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Copays are all about the waiver, and are a policy in search of a...

Starting in January, most adults covered by Medicaid will pay a copay. It’s a policy in search of a constituency, and Kentuckians deserve to know why.
(photo by Yomosa [CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons)

Advocates: Medicaid waiver could hurt mentally ill, vulnerable populations

Some people with mental illness and certain medical conditions will have trouble navigating the requirements of the state’s Medicaid waiver.

Approval of Medicaid work requirements sets stage for court battle

Another court battle is brewing over the re-approval of Kentucky's Medicaid overhaul despite the contentious work requirements for “able-bodied” adults.
Polling location sign (photo by Steve Bott [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Progressive policies win big in the midterms

Progressive policies were winners in the midterms, even in supposedly conservative states. Our own General Assembly should look at these winning policies.

Medicaid overhaul: Will Kentucky be the next Arkansas?

Many are concerned that Kentucky's Medicaid changes could turn out like Arkansas, where thousands have lost coverage recently due to a new work requirement.
Caney Creek Rehabilitation Complex (by Nyttend [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons)

New report: Medicaid is a lifeline for rural Kentucky

A new report shows that Kentucky's Medicaid expansion has been a significant success, especially in rural areas and small towns across the state.
Healthcare Provider Tax

New group says save Medicaid expansion by broadening provider tax

A group made up primarily of hospitals is urging to keep the Medicaid expansion by including more classes of healthcare providers in the provider tax.

Matt Bevin loses another Medicaid waiver lawsuit. This time, it’s one he filed in...

A federal judge dismissed Gov. Bevin’s lawsuit against 16 Medicaid recipients, a tool he used to defend his controversial changes to Medicaid.

EVERYONE – Add your Medicaid comments NOW

OK, folks, it's time once again to FLOOD the state with comments on why the Medicaid work requirements are a TERRIBLE idea. Just takes a minute!

Three big reasons Bevin’s Medicaid work requirements are a bad idea

If you want a summary of why Medicaid work requirements are a bad idea, look no further than this document filed in federal court.

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