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1973 photo of styrene flowing into a creek that fed the Ohio River. ORSANCO was formed to deal with this sort of pollution. (from National Archives at College Park [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

Kentuckians challenge ORSANCO to defend Ohio River quality standards

ORSANCO is expected to vote this week on the future of water-quality standards that impact nearly two-thirds of Kentucky's waterways.

Ohio River may lose its regional water quality standards, vote suggests

An eight-state commission that oversees water quality along the Ohio River, the drinking water source for 5 million people, appears ready to strip itself...

Ohio River regulatory commission to vote on not regulating

Utilities and other industries are pressing a regional commission to end its role in restricting the dumping of toxic wastewater into the Ohio River.

Cartoon: A Mercury Halloween

Say you like going Trick-or-Treat? Aaron Smith shows us a Halloween gift from ORSANCO that may not be quite what you bargained for:  

ORSANCO Delivers a Mercury Trick, But It’s No Treat

I hate writing about regulatory issues, sometimes. They're often complicated and arcane, hard to explain and full of competing interests, many of which may...

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