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Vaping (photo by Lindsay Fox at her blog [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Tobacco-free school bill moves to full House; passage expected

A bill to make Kentucky school properties tobacco-free passed unanimously out of the House health committee, and will be voted on Monday, Feb. 11.

Rep. Stan Lee blames mass shootings on “lack of religion in schools”

Responding to the mass shooting in Florida, Rep. Stan Lee blamed lack of religion in public schools. Pointing to students allegedly being forbidden to pray in or bring Bibles to school, Lee proclaimed, "You drove God out of the school house, what do you expect?" BUT - there are two major flaws in his argument.

Attica Scott’s Strong Words on HB151

In a recent hearing on HB151, Rep. Attica Scott gave testimony that was strong and true. We thought it important that those words be heard by you as well.

HB151: My Note to Ed Cmte

I wrote the members of the Senate Education Committee just now about HB151. Here's my note: Dear committee member, I am emailing to voice my significant...

We Must #HoldTheHouse for Our Schools

You don’t have to have kids in public schools to care about public education. No matter who you are, the effort to #HoldTheHouse is critical for you. Here's why.

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