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Hoover and other lawmakers sue staffer who alleged sexual harassment

State Rep. Jeff Hoover and two other lawmakers have sued the former staffer who alleged sexual harassment, for violating the confidentiality agreement.
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, the hosts of My Old Kentucky Podcast

Two stories in the news: Covington Catholic and legislator sexual harassment

On this week's podcast, Robert & Jazmin discuss stories that reflect badly on Kentucky: the CovCath controversy, and the ongoing sexual harassment story.
State Representative Jeff Hoover

New sexual harassment details alleged; calls for resignation follow

KyCIR published details from a deposition in the Hoover harassment case; one official has resigned, and there are calls for others to resign as well.
State Representative Jeff Hoover

Allegations against Hoover to remain sealed as his lawyer pushes to question Jane Doe

A deposition that contains allegations of sexual misconduct by former House Speaker Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, remained sealed Tuesday as two Franklin Circuit judges decide whether his attorney has the right to cross examine the former legislative staffer who made the allegations.

After lawmaker restored, reaction falls along party lines

Reaction to a Republican lawmaker in Kentucky regaining his leadership position after signing a sexual harassment settlement has fallen along party lines.

Rep. Kelly Flood files sexual harassment bill

There is nothing in the legislature's ethics code that specifically addresses sexual harassment in the workplace. Rep. Kelly Flood intends to change that.

Shamed lawmakers out to bury woman’s graphic testimony, lawyers say

Three state lawmakers are asking the courts to seal portions of a deposition in the sexual misconduct case involving a former LRC staff member.

Bevin administration sues to keep sexual harassment records secret

The Bevin administration has sued the Courier Journal to conceal details of sexual harassment allegations by the former top social services official.

#MeToo in the Statehouse: At Least 16 Men Are Gone, But the Harassment Culture...

The #MeToo movement has come to statehouses across the country – including in Kentucky – but sexual harassment remains a problem – including in Kentucky.

Sexual harassment – our stories matter

I pitched my editor about writing an article about sexual abuse and harassment, because every woman I know has experienced it. When I told him about my own experiences, and he suggested I write my own personal story, I thought “Well, okay.” This, then, is my story – because our stories matter.

Eight Reps File Charges Against Hoover

One day after approving a new rule outlining a process for disciplining a member of the Kentucky House, eight members of that body filed charges against Speaker Jeff Hoover.

Ending sexual harassment is easy: Respect Women

The sexual harassment accusations sweeping the country have one thing in common—they all happened in the workplace. Here is the solution.

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