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Rally to #CallTheVote and #StopTheShutdown

A rally is planned in Lexington on Wednesday outside Sen. McConnell's office to demand he call a vote in the Senate on funding the government.

Guthrie believes deal possible on shutdown

Congressman Brett Guthrie believes the Trump administration and the Democrat-controlled House could end the shutdown by giving both sides what they want.
(photo from Twitter account of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez)

Freshman Democrats have one simple question as they fight to end shutdown: #WheresMitch?

Newly-elected House Dems wandered the Senate halls, looking for the one person besides Trump who has the power to shut down the shutdown: Mitch McConnell.

Rally to end the shutdown set for Thursday afternoon

Members of local unions are teaming up to host a Thursday afternoon rally in Louisville highlighting the hardships the government shutdown is causing.

Republicans release some hostages, still hold thousands

On Monday, Washington Republicans released some 8.9 million Americans they had been holding hostage, but still kept 690,000 others as a bargaining chip for the future.

Explainer: Government Shutdown vs Government Default

As we stumble, seemingly inevitably, to a government shutdown at midnight Monday, there is already talk of a possible default later in October. Some...

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