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Please save us from self-appointed “education experts”

Mitchell Robinson, an actual educator, answers Mike Petrilli's over-simplified essay on how to "improve" public education.

Labor Batted .647 in the Primary

Ten House candidates endorsed by the Kentucky COPE (Committee on Political Education) won and five lost in Tuesday's primary. We were one-for-two in the Senate. That’s .647, or .283 better than Boston Red Sox slugger Mookie Betts, tops in the majors this season so far.

Teachers and other workers – Fight the race to the bottom!

This austerity for government employees, and most other working Americans, is caused by economic policies purposely contrived to suppress both wages and worker’s rights, and to direct as much money as possible into the hands of the wealthy. It’s a “race to the bottom,” and here is how Republican lawmakers work it.

Matt Bevin’s strategy

Faced with a losing hand through his own bad choices, what does Governor Matt Bevin choose to do? Click the link to see the entire cartoon and find out!

UPDATED x3! – School systems closing Friday as teachers descend on Frankfort

Here is a map of the school systems that have decided to close on Friday, either in response to, or in support of, teachers being able to travel to Frankfort to rally and speak to leges.

“We will be the women in black. You will see us coming.”

This is great: "Female attorneys sent a warning to Oklahoma state legislators that they’re coming to the Capitol Monday to help mediate a solution for better education in Oklahoma, or there will be consequences."

This is what Republican “democracy” looks like

This is what democracy looks like when the Republicans hold the majorities in the House and Senate and the governor's office. This is Republican "democracy."

Union members and teachers: “We won’t be fooled again.”

Lurking behind all this anti-worker legislation is a painfully inconvenient truth: Some of my union brothers and sisters helped put the Republicans in charge in Frankfort. Some teachers did likewise.

Bevin gets a grip on Kentucky (rerun)

Our cartoonist, Aaron Smith, reminded us of this cartoon he did in the early days of the site, and said "It seems even more relevant today!" So, we decided to rerun it. Enjoy!

West Virginia strike ends – a report from the field

Thousands of demonstrators erupted in wild cheers and a spontaneous rendition of the state's official song following the passage of a bill by the state Senate that ended the West Virginia strike. A proud and determined people stood up for working people, for education, for their students, and for themselves.
Sign at the WVa teacher/worker rally on March 3.

West Virginia teachers win raise – but nation’s rural teachers are still underpaid

The longest teacher strike in West Virginia history ended with a deal to grant the teachers 5% more in pay—but issues of pay disparities for rural teachers still persist. If not resolved, teachers in other states could follow the example of West Virginia, where over half of all schools are considered rural.
The crowd at the WVa rally on March 3, supporting teachers and public employees in their strike.

West Virginia teachers and public employees gettin’ it done!

Here are photos, videos, and a writeup from the front lines of the West Virginia teachers and public employees strike. THIS is what democracy looks like!