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Some thank-you’s in the Glenn-Johnson election challenge

Now that challenger D.J. Johnson has withdrawn his election challenge of Jim Glenn, some thank-you's are in order.
Representative Jim Glenn at his desk in the House chambers after being sworn in (photo via Anna Whites)

Johnson drops Glenn election challenge

Challenger D.J. Johnson withdrew his challenge in the House 13 election on Friday morning, leaving Jim Glenn as the undisputed rep for that district.
Logo for the office of Kentucky Attorney General

Glenn asks AG to investigate House 13 recount

The legal team for Rep. Jim Glenn has asked Attorney General Andy Beshear to investigate the House 13 recount, specifically for election law violations.

Glenn lawyers ask for Republican lawyer to be disqualified

The lawyers for Rep. Jim Glenn have filed a motion asking that the lawyer representing D.J. Johnson be disqualified for "interference in an election."

Glenn loses battle, but opponent doesn’t win much

The Glenn election challenge panel has ordered a local recount – the same outcome his opponent would have gotten using normal challenge procedures.
Top of Memorandum alleging bias in Glenn challenge process

Lawyers allege bias in Glenn case, say challenge is “fatally flawed”

Jim Glenn has filed a memo stating that the challenge filed against him has been "irreparably tainted" by the actions of Speaker-elect David Osborne.
Rep. Jim Glenn (photo from campaign Facebook page)

Glenn legal team files ethics challenge to Osborne, seeks documents

The complaint claims public funds were used to pay for the election challenge. The Glenn team has also asked for a ruling on their open records request.

Osborne accepts subpoena, but refuses to be deposed

House speaker-elect David Osborne has accepted service of a subpoena from the Jim Glenn legal team, but is still refusing to be deposed.

House speaker David Osborne subpoenaed to testify in Jim Glenn election contest

The legal team for Jim Glenn has subpoenaed House Speaker-Elect David Osborne to ask him about actions and payments in the case.

Glenn’s lawyer, Anna Whites, issues press release

Jim Glenn's legal team, led by Frankfort lawyer Anna Whites, issued a press release on Monday, December 10, to accompany Glenn's Answer & Objection filing.
(photo by kitamin via Shutterstock)

Glenn files response to Repub attack on election results

Representative-elect Jim Glenn has filed his response to the challenge raised by the losing Repub in the race. Here are the key points of the filing.

SOK: How Did We Get So Many Candidates?

This week, we talk with Mary Nishimuta of KDP, and political activists Anna Whites and Sellus Wilder, about recruiting candidates. We also speak with Cathy Carter and Tina Bojanowski, on why THEY decided to run. And finally, Bruce Maples has a few thoughts on how this all happened, and the principal it revealed.

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