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Articles commenting on current events, issues, and persons from a progressive viewpoint.

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Articles presenting objective information about events. If an article contains both details of the event and commentary about the event, it will be labeled with both tags.

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Articles that dig into an issue, policy, or story, and present relevant research and insights.

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Articles linked to podcasts and videos, either produced by Forward Kentucky or from other sources.

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Press Release

Articles based primarily on press releases we've received.

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Stories about people, places, events, and so on. Factual, but written in a story-telling style.

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Articles that promote active involvement in the political process, including rallies, protests, campaigning, and other ways to take action.

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Articles discussing a current or proposed policy, and what is good and bad about it.

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Rallies, meetings, and other events that groups have asked us to publicize.

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Articles about Forward Kentucky itself, including the web site, newsletters, and memberships.

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Articles that give background information on a current story, or explain a concept in greater detail than is possible in most news stories.

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Editorial cartoons from a progressive viewpoint, often using snark or satire.

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Fact Check

Articles confronting false or misleading information, in the media, on social media, or in everyday conversation.

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Web pages, documents, and other items that activists and other people who follow politics can use.

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