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The ForwardKY Bill Trackers

One of the challenges of keeping up with the General Assembly is the sheer number of bills that are filed. Which ones are good or bad, which ones have a chance of passing, which ones bear watching?

To make it easier for our members to be informed, we have installed a Bill Tracker. This software updates every night, pulling all the information on each bill from the official LRC site. You can see the progress of each bill, the filed summary of the bill, the full text, and much more. For some bills, we also have a short summary, a short title, and what topic it falls under, courtesy of the staff at the KY Equal Justice Center.

Here are the five bill sheets we have set up:

AND, as an added bonus, we have brought back the Visual Bill Tracker as well, for those of you who want a quick update on where our key legislation is in the process.

And finally, we also have the Legislator Scorecard, where you can see how all the legislators score on our key bills.

(NOTE: We are working on updating the pages for monitoring, key legislation, visual tracker, and scorecard for the 2023 session. These should all be current as of January 15th.)

Paying members (Patron and Partner levels) have access to all the bill sheets on our site, as well as the Visual Bill Tracker and the Scorecard. Members at the Partner level can also sign up for their own custom bill sheet, where they can track whichever bills they choose. (Remember, you must be logged into the site so the system knows if you are a Patron or a Partner. And, if you are neither, NOW would be a great time to sign up as a paying member!)

Before you start using the bill sheets in our Bill Tracker, you should view this 10-minute video on how to use a bill sheet. It shows all the things you can do with one, including sorting, grouping, and filtering.