Cutting pension benefits. Cutting unemployment. Killing workers comp. Poverty-level minimum wage. Cutting education funding while increasing tuition. Wrecking Medicaid and Medicare, and destroying health care.

People who make a living through working, and not stocks, have been under attack for years, even decades. Productivity is up and up and up, and companies are rich and richer and richer – and yet none of this shows up the paychecks of everyday Americans.

It’s a #WarOnWorkersKY, and it’s time for us to call it what it is: an ongoing, blatant attempt to have working families make do with less and less, while the wealthy get more and more.

Watch the bills in Frankfort, and you can see it. Watch the lobbyists in Frankfort, and the money coming in, and you can see it. It’s happening here, and it’s time for it to stop.

#WarOnWorkersKY    #SupportWorkingFamilies    #ElectWorkingFamilyChampions