‘This nitwit governor.’ Al Roker calls out Matt Bevin over ‘soft’ comment on cold, schools.


Count NBC meteorologist Al Roker among those who were not happy with comments Gov. Matt Bevin made Tuesday.

In an interview with WHAS radio host Terri Meiners, Bevin said canceling schools for cold weather is an indication that “we’re getting soft.”

Schools and universities closed throughout the state Wednesday due to extreme cold. Wind chills reached minus-20 degrees today in parts of Kentucky Wednesday, which led Roker to speak his mind about Bevin’s comments Wednesday morning on MSNBC and NBC’s ‘Today.’

Said Roker on MSNBC: “This nitwit governor in Kentucky, saying, ‘Oh, we’re weak.’ These are kids who are going to be in sub-zero wind chills. No, cancel school. Stop it. Adults, if they want to be out there, that’s great. These are our children. I’m glad you’re not a teacher.”

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