Three great voter guides for Kentucky

Ballot (photo by Susan Schmitz at Shutterstock)
Ballot (photo by Susan Schmitz at Shutterstock)

If you are still considering how you will vote on Tuesday, here are three excellent resources to help you do your research. And two of them cover almost the entire ballot, including local races!

Ballot Ready (visit)

Ballot Ready is a very cool tool. Just enter your address, and they pull pretty much your entire ballot, including local races and judges. You can read about the candidates, then add the one you choose to your personal ballot for each race. Once you are done, you can print your ballot and take it with you.

Where do they get their information? According to them, “We aggregate data from candidate websites, social media, endorsers, and boards of election to help you cast an informed vote. If no information is displayed for a candidate, the information online did not meet our research criteria and was not included.”

Information available for candidates includes

  • Contact info
  • Background (experience, education)
  • Endorsements
  • Issues

KFTC Voter Guide (visit)

The KFTC voter guide is based on Ballot Ready, EXCEPT it includes the custom KFTC candidate questionnaire. This questionnaire is unique to each office, with questions very specific to the issues facing that office. If you really want to dig into the details, the KFTC guide is the way to go. (It’s also interesting to note who didn’t answer the questionaire!) This is an excellent resource, that took a lot of time by KFTC; big thanks to them for doing it!

Prichard Committee Candidate List (visit)

As noted on their web site, “The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence is an independent, non-partisan, citizen-led group. Since 1983, the Committee, made up of volunteer citizens from across Kentucky, has worked to improve education for Kentuckians of all ages.”

So, as you can imagine, their candidate questionaire is focused on education issues. It lists a series of issues and asks candidates to rate them in terms of priority. Then, it asks some open-ended questions that the candidate can answer as briefly or verbosely as they choose.

Again, the interesting thing is which candidates chose to answer at all. That may tell you as much as their answers.

PLUS – the Forward Kentucky candidate profiles

You can also use the candidate profiles that we did on almost all the Democratic candidates to learn more about each of them. The profiles were done either by our own staff, or by the staff of the KDP. You can learn much about each candidate by reading their profile, so use those as well, and share with your friends and neighbors!