For some of us, Net Neutrality is one of the most critical issues facing our nation. After all, if internet providers get to decide who gets preferential treatment, what’s to say that they might not just begin BLOCKING any content they don’t like … like, say, this site and others like it.

For others, though, Net Neutrality is sort of an “inside baseball” topic. For those people, we’ve got this video from Katie Couric to explain. Give it a listen, then go back and click the banner at the top of the home page. You’ll be taken to a new site where you can add YOUR name to the growing list of people who want 1 Internet for All.

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples has been involved in politics and activism since 2004, when he became active in the Kerry Kentucky movement. He has been President, Vice-President, and Treasurer of the Metro Democratic Club, and has served on the Democratic Party Executive Committee in Louisville. He began blogging in 2004, and currently operates two personal blogs ( and He founded Forward Kentucky in the wake of the state elections in 2015, and expanded it in the summer of 2016. He has lived in Louisville since 1992 with his wife and two sons.