The Twenty Top Posts for 2017

What YOU, our readers, liked the most in 2017


In this last week of 2017, as we wind down 2017 and look forward to a big 2018, we thought it would be good to list the Twenty Top Posts for the past year. These are the posts, podcasts, and cartoons that garnered the most attention from you, our readers.

Note that our traffic and reach expanded throughout the year, so some of our earlier work did not get as much traffic as the pieces from the end of the year. (We may repost some of them that we think are still timely.) You can see this skew in the results from the lists that follow: many of our top pieces in terms of traffic were about the pension debate.

Still, these Twenty Top Posts contain a lot of good content, and we thought it worth highlighting. If there are any here that you missed, click the link and check them out. And share this list with others using the sharing buttons, so they can learn about the good work we’re doing here.


Top Ten Articles

Kentucky Has 23 Hate Groups – Hate groups are not just “somewhere else” but also among us here in Kentucky. Here is the list of 23 hate groups as named by the SPLC in their “hate map.” (read)

Rep. James Kay Offers Alternate Pension Plan – Here is the “Kentucky Promise Plan” alternate pension plan offered by Rep. James Kay of Woodford County, as captured from his Twitter feed. (read)

New Pension Bill in the Works – A new pension reform bill, sometimes called a “Shared Responsibility” bill, is being developed with input from various stakeholder groups. (read)

Pension Pushback “Large, Unexpected” – KCEP Leader – Jason Bailey says that in his 20 years of working on policy in Kentucky, he has never seen pushback like what is happening over Gov. Bevin’s pension bill. (read)

Two Democratic Candidates Declare for 2018 – Proving that it’s never too soon to start working on the next election, two Democratic candidates have declared for the 2018 KY House race. (read)

IndivisibleKY Calls Out McConnell Faux Town Halls – IndivisibleKY has called out Senator McConnell for holding “faux” town halls, when in fact the meetings are pay-to-play events and not town halls at all. (read)

Top Ten Reasons to REJECT the Bevin Pension Plan – People asked for a list of problems with the pension bill that they could share. So, here is my current Top Ten reasons to reject the Bevin pension bill. (read)

Matt Bevin and Donald Trump: A Troubling Comparison – It is obvious to even casual observers that Donald Trump and Matt Bevin have much in common. While we joke about the Twitter addiction, there are other similiarities that are not only troubling, but could pose real threats to our democratic institutions. Read the list and see if you agree. (Publisher Note: I think this is still one of the best pieces on the site, even months later.) (read)

Matt Jones: Their One Liberal Friend – Matt Jones jokes that more than a few of his sports radio show fans consider him “their one liberal friend.” That background has informed his work on NKP. (read)

The PFM Pension Report: Seven Things to Know – Based on the excellent work done by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, here are seven things you should know about the recent PFM pension report. (read)

Top Five Podcasts

Interview with John Yarmuth – Our first interview, and who better than Congressman John Yarmuth! The Congressman shares with us the current mood in Washington, how Republicans feel about the incoming President, and some things WE can do to Move Kentucky Forward. (listen)

Ryan Eller on Immigrants in Kentucky – We talk immigrants in KY w/ Ryan Eller of Define American, and we learn a LOT! Financial impact, ICE, DACA – all covered here. Listen and learn! (listen)

Jason Bailey on Pensions – The PFM recommendations caused strong reactions on all sides of the pension issue. So we went to Jason Bailey of KCEP to get his calm, fact-based analysis. (listen)

Krystal Ball on the People’s House, the Dem Party, and Much More – Krystal Ball discusses her move to Kentucky, the People’s House project, economic dislocation, and her insights into the Dem party and how to rebuild it. (listen)

Adam Edelen on Solar, Politics, and Making a Difference – Adam Edelen joins us to talk about his exciting new solar project on a mountain outside Pikeville, and the impact it could make on our state. He also updates us on his political work with the New Kentucky Project, and shares some candid and insightful thoughts about politics and the progressive movement in Kentucky. (listen)

Top Five Cartoons

Santa Visits Mitch – Mitch McConnell gets a special visit from Santa, as captured by Aaron Smith. Read the whole post to get the whole story, in this two-part cartoon. (view)

Mitch’s Line – What does it take for Mitch McConnell to REALLY draw a line in the sand? Our cartoonist, Aaron Smith, makes it pretty clear for us. (view)

Two Kinds of Pork at Fancy Farm – In his latest cartoon, Aaron Smith points out the two kinds of “pork” that got handed out at Fancy Farm this year. (view)

Mitch’s High Standards – With Roy Moore, even Mitch McConnell finally found a Republican he couldn’t support. Seeing this, Aaron Smith thought it was time McConnell got an award. (view)

The Mitch McConnell Escape Kit – Aaron Smith dreams up a new product to help raise funds for ForwardKY. We think we know a certain Senator who may want a rush order! (view)


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