“We will be the women in black. You will see us coming.”


Oh hell yes …

(from KFOR in Tulsa OK, where teachers are in a state-wide walkout)

Female attorneys sent a warning to state legislators that they’re coming to the Capitol Monday to help mediate a solution for better education in Oklahoma, or there will be consequences.

Becki Murphy said she and her colleagues spent the past week watching the teacher’s walkout with growing frustration.

“I’m frustrated at the resistance,” Murphy said. “I’m frustrated that we can be 49th in the nation and that nobody seems to think this is a problem, and that anybody’s blaming this on the teachers.”

So on Thursday, she wrote the following open message on Facebook directed to legislators:

“Dear Oklahoma Legislators,

I, along with 100 female attorneys, will be coming to see you Monday. I am asking to meet with you and discuss a resolution to this educational funding nightmare. I feel like we can help you, collectively, come up with a resolution.

But let’s be clear. There WILL be change. And it WILL be for the better for our children. As Nelson Mandela once said “there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul that (sic) the way in which it treats its children.”

Call my office to schedule a meeting with one of us. My number is 918-895-8200. I’ll await your call.

Let me be clear about one thing, we need change. And you will do it, or you have my word…. one of the 100 women by my side will file for your seat…. and we will do it for you. I prefer to work with you. It’s your choice if you will work with me.

Sincerely –

Becki A. Murphy

P.S. I’ll see you Monday. We will be the women in black. You will see us coming.”


More on this story here. And I think the OK leges had better be ready to negotiate.

“We will be the women in black. You will see us coming.” Oh HELL yes.