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Where to follow us

Forward Kentucky is more than “just a blog,” or even a website. We are a media outlet, which means we have multiple places we share content. Here’s the current list. And remember: some content is only on that platform, so if you use that platform regularly, be sure to follow us there.

Content Feeds

Our RSS feed sends all our content to these aggregators. You can get a summary of the site by using one of these, or by any RSS reader that you want to use.

●  The actual RSS feed (
●  Flipboard
●  Newsbreak
●  Spot on Kentucky

“Moving Kentucky Forward”

An interview-focused podcast, usually recorded once a week. Can be found in these locations and on these providers:
●  Podcast website
●  Apple podcasts
●  Google podcasts
●  Amazon podcasts
●  Spotify
●  Stitcher
●  Pocket Casts
●  Castro FM
●  RSS feed for other podcast tools:

Social Media

●  Facebook
●  Twitter
●  LinkedIn
●  TikTok
●  YouTube


●  Reddit – We occasionally post to the r/KentuckyPolitics subreddit.
●  Daily Kos – We publish some of our articles on Daily Kos.