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Forward Kentucky is more than “just a blog,” or even a website. We are a media outlet, which means we have multiple places we share content. Here’s the current list. And remember: some content is only on that platform, so if you use that platform regularly, be sure to follow us there.

“Moving Kentucky Forward”

An interview-focused podcast, usually recorded once a week. Can be found in these locations and on these providers:
●  Podcast website
●  Apple podcasts
●  Google podcasts
●  Amazon podcasts
●  Spotify
●  Stitcher
●  Pocket Casts
●  Castro FM
●  RSS feed for other podcast tools:

Social Media

●  Twitter
●  LinkedIn
●  TikTok
●  YouTube

(Note: We left Facebook in December 2021. You can read this to learn why.)


●  Reddit – We occasionally post to the r/KentuckyPolitics subreddit.
●  Daily Kos – We publish some of our articles on Daily Kos.
●  Our RSS feed –

Got Tips?

Got a story we need to cover? Something being covered up? A rumor we should look into? Send it to We can't promise it will become a story, but we can promise one thing: tips are confidential, and all sources are protected.

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