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The People of the Coal
I am a fourth generation coal miner—or rather, I was. Let me tell you what it's like to be People of the Coal ... and what we really want.
House Republicans & Heroin
Governing is the opposite of dope. It’s real world, working the program. But the health-care fiasco showed House Republicans behaving like heroin addicts.
Charter Schools: 7 Questions for Greg Fischer and Jim Gray
Louisville & Lexington mayors can now authorize charter schools. This raises some questions, so we reached out to the offices of both mayors for answers.
MKF1712 – Attica Scott on KYGA17
First-term Rep. Attica Scott shares her impressions of serving in Frankfort, as well as what she thinks of the bills that passed AND the bills that didn't.
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We’re on Medium and Apple News
After some weeks of making sure everything was ready, ForwardKY is publishing on both Apple News and Medium. Check it out!
Speaking of Tax Returns …
Sitting here watching Rachel Maddow and others talk about Trump's tax returns, and it reminded me ...Governor Bevin, where are[...]
HB151: My Note to Ed Cmte
I wrote the members of the Senate Education Committee just now about HB151. Here's my note: Dear committee member, I[...]
Is McConnell Being McConnell, or Is He Actually Worried About His Russia Problem?
Is McConnell's non-interest in pushing for an investigation into the Russian connections just McConnell being McConnell, the party-above-everything DC player? Or, is he actually worried that he would be caught up in it in some way?

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