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Some facts about Kentucky’s budget Subscribers Public

Here is a video excerpt from the AMA session that Jason Bailey did this week with some Members of Forward Kentucky. Some of these facts may surprise you! Please view, and then share widely.

The filibuster – a racist relic Subscribers Public

Try explaining to a Black grandmother raised under Jim Crow why it takes only 50 votes to stack the Supreme Court with justices who are undermining her voting rights, but 60 votes to pass a bill protecting them.

Gov. Andy Beshear delivers his two-year budget address on Thursday night.

‘Our future is now’: Beshear says budget can propel state forward Subscribers Public

Gov. Beshear delivered his budget address Thursday evening, calling on state lawmakers to make record investments to build a world-class education system, grow the jobs of the future, and turn two years of progress into 20 years of prosperity.

Actual “Whites Only” sign used in a railway station

The two CRT bills: Only White history allowed Subscribers Public

Republicans are manufacturing a phony crisis with bills designed to score points in November. The bills seek to limit a public elementary or secondary teacher's freedom to teach about systemic racism

IBEW journeymen helping restore power in Mayfield because 'the union is all about brotherhood and sisterhood' Subscribers Public

Two IBEW members are volunteering to get electrical service back on in Mayfield. Berry Craig has the story.

KY 120 takes on SB 1 Subscribers Public

We talk with Christina Trosper of KY 120 United AFT, to see what the group is up to now, AND to discuss Senate Bill 1 and what is wrong with it. If you care about education, this is an important podcast.

Kentucky officeholders use their power, official and unofficial Subscribers Public

In the last week or so, we’ve seen examples of Kentucky politicians using power from various sources, official and unofficial. Here’s a summary.

Undeterred by previous setbacks, Kentucky lawmakers again file school choice bill Subscribers Public

Despite protests, previous legislative fails, and an ongoing legal challenge, Kentucky lawmakers are again trying to offer tax credits to help families afford private school.

Short-sighted tax cuts for the rich will not grow state economies Subscribers Public

Kentucky’s lawmakers are already talking about cutting taxes, especially on the rich. This article lays out why that is a BAD idea.

Kentucky to receive $438 million in bridge funding: Yarmuth Subscribers Public

Cong. John Yarmuth announced today that Kentucky will receive an estimated $438 million over the next five years to fix its bridges, made possible by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law supported by Yarmuth.

KY Youth Advocates speaks out on budget bills Subscribers Public

Dr. Terry Brooks lays out both what is good in the budget bills, and what needs to be added, such as a state-level EITC.

Comparing the Beshear budget to the House budget Subscribers Public

A good comparison of parts of the Beshear budget to the House budget, provided by Sen. Denise Harper Angel.

Are the maps legal? An interview with Josh Douglas Subscribers Public

The Repubs in the General Assembly have released and passed their redistricting maps, all in one week. There is already talk of suing over the maps – but, is there actually anything to sue over? Professor Josh Douglas walks us through the legal issues surrounding the new maps.

What your poop 💩 is saying about COVID Subscribers Public

Did you know your poop can talk? Well, it can – at least when it comes to detecting COVID. We talk with Dr. Ted Smith, the director of the Wastewater-Based Epidemiology study at UofL. What is it, how does it work – and most importantly, what are they seeing? Listen in to learn more!

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