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Wondering about continuing the calendar

We added a statewide event calendar to the site at the beginning of the year, hoping that people would find it useful AND that groups would submit their events. Our goal was to provide a central place where people could look for events in their area and get involved. I'm wondering, though, if it's worth keeping.

Let’s try this again

For a while, I wrote posts for the Publisher's Blog (PubBlog) to share both shorter posts that didn't really need to be on the main page, and news about the site. They didn't get much play, so I stopped. But now I'm starting again. Let me tell you why.

How much Dem swing do we need to take back the House? Ⓜ️

I enjoy working with statistics and spreadsheets. So, after all the recent talk of a "blue wave" this fall, I wanted to see just how much of a swing we would need across Kentucky to take back the Kentucky House. In this post, I'll share what I found, as well as the spreadsheet I used, so you can run your own scenarios.

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