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What’s up with Forward Kentucky?

Notice anything different around here? Wondering what in the world is happening at Forward Kentucky? Wonder no more – read this post instead.

Heather Cox Richardson: The pandemic contrasts the Repub and the Dem approach to...

In America, the two very different responses to the pandemic have given us a powerful education in government activism. “For the past year, we couldn’t rely on the federal government to act with the urgency and focus and coordination we needed,” Biden said, “And we have seen the tragic cost of that failure….”
6 January 2021- Washington DC- A protester stands with a Confederate flag after storming the Capitol during a Joint Session of Congress in which members were to certify the 2020 Presidential election. (photo by Chris Kleponis/Sipa USA via AP Images)

We’re reaping the results of ignoring a civics education for all

If we want to avoid tyranny, we must invest in effective civics education, and increase civic engagement across the board.

Hood to the Holler – thousands involved, and still growing

“Hood to the Holler is an organization that is focused on activating people, we’re looking to create programming so that we can stay around for a long time. We just want to inspire more people to lead themselves and help give them the tools they need to do it.”
WPA concrete work in Bardwell, KY (photo by Berry Craig)

The New Deal is still a big deal in Kentucky, if you know where...

If I were a KDP bigwig, I'd cite still-serving New Deal projects — there are hundreds statewide — as an example of what the party has meant to Kentuckians ... and what it still means.

KY Press Association: “SB 48 is unacceptable, and should be vetoed”

SB 48 introduces uncertainty into the law without corresponding benefits. The bill is excessively broad and impossible to administer. It is a bad bill, and we urge the governor to veto it.

3/30 update — Contrary to the national trend, pandemic numbers in Kentucky stay on...

As the rest of the country is seeing increasing numbers of new coronavirus cases, Kentucky continues at a rough plateau or even a slight a decline in its numbers, such as its seven-day average of new cases.

No political organization in Kentucky needs renovation more than the once-dominant Democratic party

When we leave our foundation and go 'Republican lite' we lose our identity. When we lose our identity, we lose elections.

3/29 update — Kentucky’s one-dose vaccination rate is above adjoining states’, but its positive-test...

As the pandemic in Kentucky hit a plateau, Gov. Andy Beshear announced that 40 percent of adult Kentuckians had been vaccinated – but he and his health commissioner redoubled their pleas for people to sign up for openings that are going unfilled as more contagious coronavirus strains keep spreading.

3/28 update — Eleventh week of fewer new cases, but positivity and new-case averages...

Two key measures of the pandemic took a turn upward Sunday, even as Gov. Beshear pointed out that the Monday-to-Sunday reporting week was the 11th in a row with a smaller number of new cases.

Black voter suppression – how we got here

In addition to racism itself, what events in the past led to today's suppression of Black voters? Heather Cox Richardson lays out the history that led to today.

HB 563 is the REAL steal we must stop.

You've heard of the fake "Stop the Steal" campaign from a few months ago? Stopping HB 563 is the REAL Stop the Steal from our public schools.