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Trumpcare Mothership: Start Here
In order to cover the Trumpcare bill and its possible effects, we have created this parent article (the Trumpcare Mothership). Start here for our coverage!
Bevin’s New Crime Plan
Gov Bevin's prayer walk solution to the crime problem is not only a new approach to the issue, but it SAVES MONEY as well! Aaron Smith's cartoon explains.
Trumpcare Takes from Poor, Gives to Rich in Lexington Area
In Lexington and area, Trumpcare takes $125 million from households making less than $50,000 a year, & transfers it to the upper-middle and wealthy classes.
TRUMPCARE: IndivisibleKY & Truth Matters Plan Rally-Lobby of McConnell and Paul
To protest Trumpcare, IndivisibleKY & Truth Matters plan a rally-lobby at the Louisville offices of Senators McConnell & Paul on Thursday from 8:30 to 5:30.
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Publisher's Blog

On crime, Bevin, and prayer
I posted a series of tweets about this earlier, but thought it best to expand a bit in a PubBlog post.
Remember: Trump Gone or Not, We Have Work To Do
I've been reading Twitter a lot lately, both to keep up and to get story ideas and leads. A recent comment on there, though, got me thinking, and I thought I'd expand on it.
Senator Mitch McConnell: WHEN?
A call to Senator Mitch McConnell, written in frustration at his lack of leadership, honor, or substance at a time of crisis for our nation.
Your Kentucky Death Panel
Here are the four Kentucky reps who voted to take away your health insurance, without reading the bill, without any hearings, without any CBO score, and without any support from Democrats:

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