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Must have left a mark

Apparently, my editorial about scholarship tax credits left a mark.

What’s with the Russians?

In the past two weeks, we've had a number of people sign up for our email lists with email addresses from Russia. As much...

Some thank-you’s in the Glenn-Johnson election challenge

Now that challenger D.J. Johnson has withdrawn his election challenge of Jim Glenn, some thank-you's are in order.

Where is the Board of Elections?

As we've been covering the Jim Glenn election challenge story, I've been struck by the absence of the state Board of Elections in the proceedings.

No, I can’t donate to your campaign

The day after the filing deadline, and the emails have already started. So, let me say this: No, I cannot donate to your campaign.

Follow-up on the CovCath story

I want to share a short follow-up on my earlier posts about the incident involving the Covington Catholic students and Nathan Phillips, the tribal elder.

Latest Stories

Watch out for attack on pensions on session’s final day

The bills to provide relief for universities and other agencies contain bad provisions that actually make things much worse for the pensions systems.

Dear legislators – We don’t trust you. Here’s what you can do about that.

Legislators: Do you ever wonder why we continue to come to Frankfort? It's simple – we don't trust you. Let me explain why, and what you can do about it.

Ain’t over till it’s over – Five bills that could still pass this session

The 2019 General Assembly still has ONE more day – and there are some bills that could still pass before they adjourn Sine Die. Here are five to watch for.

The “pension session” that wasn’t – and what’s still to come

When what was to be the "pension session" all but ended Thursday night, one issue was glaringly missing from the list of completed bills.

ACLU wastes no time, sues to block Kentucky’s newest abortion ban

Less than 24 hours after the legislature passed its first bill to restrict abortion, the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging it and asking a judge to block it.

Kentucky lawmakers secretly approved a loophole to hide tax documents from the public

The legislature poked another hole in the Open Records Act by tucking a provision that would make tax-related records secret into a 233-page tax bill.

HB 525 is worse than you know: Pension machinations, bankruptcies, and privatization

Think it's just about the TRS board? You'd be wrong – it's part of a larger plan to plunder pensions, bankrupt schools, and privatize government.

Last night of the session (a reflection)

A reflection on the last night of a legislative session, written by someone who has been there many times. A word painting worth reading.

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News Briefs

Kentucky tech chief — and Bevin’s friend — would have his huge salary slashed by new bill

The controversial $375,000 salary of Kentucky's chief technology official Charles Grindle would be cut way back under a bill filed in the General Assembly.

Kentucky Senate passes home birth legislation; bill moves to House

The Kentucky Senate passed legislation Thursday to license and regulate midwives statewide.

Paradise no more. TVA votes to close iconic coal-burning power plant in Kentucky.

In the end, not even a tweet from President Donald Trump could save an iconic coal-burning power plant in Western Kentucky.

AFL-CIO endorses Pugh for Senate special election

The Kentucky State AFL-CIO has endorsed Democrat Darrell Pugh in the March 5 state Senate special election to succeed Ray Jones.

Schumer recruits famed fighter pilot to challenge McConnell in 2020

Sen. Chuck Schumer met with Amy McGrath to recruit her to run for the Senate against Mitch McConnell. McGrath listened and said she would consider it.

Kentucky Senate panel approves NRA gun bill on anniversary of Parkland school shooting

On the first anniversay of the Parkland school shooting, a KY Senate committee approved a bill allowing people to carry a concealed gun without a permit.

Dem first up on TV in state Senate special election

Darrell Pugh, running for state Senate from Senate district 31, is the first candidate in the race with a television ad. It began running Wednesday.

Massie votes with Dems to pull troops out of Yemen

In a vote against President Trump, Rep. Thomas Massie voted for a House resolution telling the President to pull U.S. troops out of Yemen within 30 days.

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