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HEY THERE – we’re having a sale! Subscribers Public

We’re having a sale! Learn more here!

Who’s running in 2023, and how much have they raised? Subscribers Public

Guess what – just 5 weeks till the deadline to file for the 2023 election for statewide offices! Who’s in, and how much have they raised? Here’s the list as of today.

Trump 2024, Part 2 Subscribers Public

I’m predicting that Donald J. Trump — unless he’s dead or in the slammer — will be the 2024 Republican nominee for president.

Pompeo the pathetic pander bear Subscribers Public

Who’s the most dangerous person in the world? According to Mike Pompeo, it’s not Xi or Kim or Putin; it is the leader of a teacher’s union.

Senate passes bill protecting interracial and gay marriages. McConnell and Paul vote against it. Subscribers Public

The United States Senate today passed the Respect for Marriage Act, a bill designed to put into Federal law certain protections for gay and interracial marriages.

State Representative Colonel Pam Stevenson files intent to run for AG Subscribers Public

State Rep. Pam Stevenson, a former colonel in the U.S. Air Force, has filed to run for Kentucky Attorney General.

Shell files for Ag Commissioner Subscribers Public

Jonathan Shell announces for Ag Commissioner, issues press release.

Robert Kahne Redux! – on mayoral and judicial races Subscribers Public

It’s a Robert Kahne Redux Show! We’ve got Robert on for a second episode to talk about the mayor’s races in Louisville and Lexington, as well as the various judicial elections across the state. Dig in for more insights from Robert!

What comes after Walmart? Subscribers Public

Woolworth’s. K-Mart. TG&Y. All companies that once were household names; all now gone. Will Walmart go the same way?

The Griffin-Cawthorn effect on Trump’s run for president Subscribers Public

The Griffin-Cawthorn Effect should disqualify Trump from running for president again. What is the Griffin-Cawthorn Effect? Read on to learn more.

Democratic election success: A conservative cautionary tale Subscribers Public

What lessons do Democrats need to take from their successes in the midterms?

Alvarado to leave KY Senate to be TN Health Commissioner Subscribers Public

Senator Ralph Alvarado announced last Wednesday that he would be resigning his seat in the Kentucky Senate to take on a new role as the Health Commissioner for the state of Tennessee.

There are now twelve (12!) Repubs running for governor 😳 Subscribers Public

Alan Keck, mayor of Somerset, has entered the race for governor of Kentucky, making him the 12th Republican in the race.

Why is the Right using ‘natural marriage’ as their new slogan? Subscribers Public

Have you heard the term “natural marriage”? Guess what – it’s a new term for an old prejudice.

Wieder was ‘quietly confident’ Amendment 2 would fail Subscribers Public

Kentucky is among the reddest of Republican red states. But Tammara Wieder was quietly confident that Kentuckians would vote down GOP-backed constitutional amendments to ban abortion and to empower the legislature to call itself into special session.

A poli-sci professor weighs in on the midterms and Trump running again Subscribers Public

Dr. James Clinger of Murray State University gives his analysis of the midterm results, and looks at Trump running again.

Union voted in at C-J, welcomed by state AFL-CIO Subscribers Public

Journalists at the Courier-Journal in Louisville voted on Friday to affiliate with the NewsGuild union, a member union of the Communications Workers of America.

KY Takes BIG STEP on medical weed! w/KY Moms for Medical Cannabis Subscribers Public

In what APPEARS to be fantastic breaking news coverage, Aaron, Nema and Kimberly cover Governor Beshear taking a BIG step in Kentucky’s efforts for medical marijuana legalization with our special guests, Kristin Wilcox and Julie Cantwell, the dynamic duo behind Kentucky Moms for Medical Cannabis

Cherlynn Stevenson on how she won, and what’s next Subscribers Public

A great interview with Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson! I wanted to know how she won in the face of the redistricting, and what she sees coming in January. Also, I asked her the “what if you had a magic wand” question, and we talked about her priorities as a representative. Watch or listen, and then share!

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