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Two key lawmakers express strong reservations about U of L’s request for $50M loan

Two key state senators expressed strong reservations Wednesday about the University of Louisville's request for a $50 million state loan needed to help finance the university's plan to acquire Jewish Hospital and other KentuckyOne Health assets.

KSR’s Matt Jones is taking aim at Mitch McConnell — in a new book

Matt Jones, the founder of Kentucky Sports Radio and a rabid University of Kentucky fan, has proven over the years he knows how to throw jabs at University of Louisville athletic programs. He now is planning to unload on U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in a new book titled “Mitch, Please! How Mitch McConnell Sold Out Kentucky (And America Too).”

‘Brilliant’ loophole? Lexington schools met ‘In God We Trust’ mandate by framing a dollar.

The national motto is "In God We Trust." A new law requires all public schools in Kentucky to post it. So, these schools put up an enlarged dollar bill.

New address for NYC Trump Tower: “735 Barack Obama Avenue”

I thought it was a joke, but it's real: a petition to rename the street Trump Tower is on in NYC to "Barack Obama Avenue." Of course, I signed it.

Feds say Lundergan spent $25,000 on Grimes campaign event but billed only $3,706

Federal prosecutors continued building their case Wednesday that Lexington businessman Jerry Lundergan made illegal corporate contributions to the campaign of his daughter, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, while the defense worked to discredit a key prosecution witness.

Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton sues Gov. Matt Bevin over firing her staff members

Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton filed suit against Gov. Bevin on Thursday, asking for court orders that would restore her two fired staff members to their jobs.

Prosecutor: Lundergan made secret donations during Grimes campaign

Jerry Lundergan, father of SOS Alison Grimes, went on trial Tuesday for allegedly making illegal contributions to her Senate campaign in 2014.

Governor Matt Bevin Is no longer relevant — he concedes it

When election season rolls around, it is important to pay close attention to what candidates for office are saying. It is even more rewarding to listen for what they are not saying. As I have inspected Governor Matt Bevin’s behavior and campaign messaging this year, I am struck by the extent to which he concedes that he really is now irrelevant to the future of Kentucky.

Democrats pressure McConnell to take action on guns

House Democrats held a press conference Tuesday with family members and friends of victims of mass shootings to pressure Mitch McConnell to bring the Senate back and vote on the House-passed background checks bills.

Will McConnell act on guns? Campaign to pressure Senate leader hits airwaves

Senate leader Mitch McConnell is now being targeted by an ad campaign from the gun-safety group founded by Gabby Giffords. Here's the ad they're running.

News Briefs

State Sen. Whitney Westerfield announces Kentucky Supreme Court campaign

State Sen. Whitney Westerfield announced Friday on his Twitter account that he will be running for the District 1 seat on the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Passport Health Plan to be bought by national for-profit health company Evolent

Evolent Health, a national health management business, has agreed to buy a majority ownership stake in Passport Health Plan,

Kentucky tech chief — and Bevin’s friend — would have his huge salary slashed by new bill

The controversial $375,000 salary of Kentucky's chief technology official Charles Grindle would be cut way back under a bill filed in the General Assembly.

Kentucky Senate passes home birth legislation; bill moves to House

The Kentucky Senate passed legislation Thursday to license and regulate midwives statewide.

Paradise no more. TVA votes to close iconic coal-burning power plant in Kentucky.

In the end, not even a tweet from President Donald Trump could save an iconic coal-burning power plant in Western Kentucky.

AFL-CIO endorses Pugh for Senate special election

The Kentucky State AFL-CIO has endorsed Democrat Darrell Pugh in the March 5 state Senate special election to succeed Ray Jones.

Schumer recruits famed fighter pilot to challenge McConnell in 2020

Sen. Chuck Schumer met with Amy McGrath to recruit her to run for the Senate against Mitch McConnell. McGrath listened and said she would consider it.

Kentucky Senate panel approves NRA gun bill on anniversary of Parkland school shooting

On the first anniversay of the Parkland school shooting, a KY Senate committee approved a bill allowing people to carry a concealed gun without a permit.

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