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If Roe goes, birth control is likely next Subscribers Public

Think the possible overturn of Roe is the end? Think again – it’s just the beginning.

2022 Primary: Winners, losers, drama, and all results Subscribers Public

A wrap-up of Kentucky primaries, with tables show all race results.

If elected governor, Daniel Cameron will do even more damage to open government Subscribers Public

Daniel Cameron is already the worst AG when it comes to open government. How bad will he be if elected governor?

If personhood begins at conception, what about all those frozen humans? Subscribers Public

According to Kentucky’s trigger law, human life begins at conception. If that is so, what do we do about all the frozen humans in Kentucky?

2022 primary result reactions Subscribers Public

Jazmin and Robert react to primary elections across the state including several incumbent legislators losing their seats on both sides of the aisle, major victories for candidates favored in races for mayor in Kentucky's largest cities, and a few other important races.

Election results & uterine insults Subscribers Public

Aaron, Kimberly & special guest Nema break down the primary with some surprising and flat-out shocking results. They also discuss the response to the leaked SCOTUS Roe draft opinion, and other very real threats to reproductive justice in Kentucky.

Al Cross: As primary voters move GOP farther right, will others follow? Subscribers Public

Al Cross notes: What works in Republican primaries will not necessarily work in general elections.

Thursday News & Notes Subscribers Public

Headlines from across the political landscape, including one just now breaking via Twitter.

Post-pandemic, KY returns to world-high incarceration rate Subscribers Public

After a drop due to the COVID pandemic, new research found Kentucky is once again crowding more people into jails and prisons. The Bluegrass State has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, and some experts believe it is a direct result of state legislation keeping men and

KDP: Beshear makes landmark announcement, continues to lead historic economic boom Subscribers Public

Governor Andy Beshear announced another landmark achievement on Thursday: the lowest ever unemployment rate in the history of the Commonwealth.

Legislature funds health insurance for Kentuckians who make too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to buy private coverage Subscribers Public

Kentucky is taking advantage of a little-used provision of the ACA to create a health-insurance plan for Kentuckians who make too much to qualify for free Medicaid coverage but not enough to pay for private insurance.

Single-Payer Meeting, News Subscribers Public

Various action possibilities from the Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care group. If single payer is an issue you care about, check out these ways to get involved.

There’s a feedback loop in rural America – and Democrats didn’t cause it Subscribers Public

Are Dems guilty of abandoning rural America? Or is something else going on? A researcher shares some possible answers.

Paul and the rest of the GOP field: 'too dangerous, too craven, and too extreme' Subscribers Public

Berry Craig took President Biden’s statement on the PA primary and modified it just a wee bit to fit Kentucky.

Update on the Witch Hunt Subscribers Public

Schadenfreude is terribly sweet, especially when it comes to the GOP, but I didn’t think we’d be able to savor it so soon.

‘Transgender law’ is bad for Kentucky youth Subscribers Public

The act is really a pandering to a very small segment of a conservative electorate that is obsessed with sexuality.

Medical MJ, Delta-8, and what happened in Frankfort Subscribers Public

The House passed a bill legalizing medial MJ, but it was never heard in the Senate. The Senate passed a bill outlawing Delta-8, but it was never heard in the House. As a result, we all lose.

Mapped: The State of Global Democracy in 2022 Subscribers Public

How healthy is our democracy? How healthy are the WORLD’s democracies? Here are maps showing the state of global democracy. And the U.S. is not the healthiest.

Friday News & Notes Subscribers Public

Yay, it’s Friday! But the news never stop, even for the weekend. Here’s the latest News & Notes from across the political landscape.

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