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Covington Catholic: Expulsion is the wrong answer

I want to expand on a short Twitter thread I put up last night, about Covington Catholic expelling the students in the viral videos.

Ballot seizure – blatant, unethical, and possibly illegal

Response to the Glenn ballot seizure by our publisher, Bruce Maples: "... some of the most blatant, power-driven, and unethical acts I've ever seen."

Welcome new members!

We've had some new member signups over the past two weeks, so first of all, Welcome to our newest Forward Kentucky members!

Is a special session coming?

Lots of chatter about a possible special session to re-pass the pension bill. It's all rumor at this point, but here's what I've heard.

Thayer’s troubling comments

Damon Thayer says he wants to look at "judicial reform," after losing in the SCOKY. Here's the worry: what he really wants is "judicial CONTROL."

Is McConnell in trouble?

With Maria Butina doing a plea deal and cooperating with Federal prosecutors, the question arises: Does this have implications for Mitch McConnell?

Latest Stories

Bill filed to reverse non-profit sales tax

A bill recently filed in the Kentucky House of Representatives, House Bill 28, would reverse the sales tax on non-profit and charitable organizations.

KYGA19 Session Update – school safety, Senate progress, Franklin Circuit Court changes, & more!

In this week's "My Old Kentucky Podcast," Jazmin and Robert tackle the first week of the KYGA19 session, including the five bills already passed.

Bevin’s PSC out to strip poor of voice in utility rate cases

Matt Bevin’s Public Service Commission is fighting to exclude advocates for the poor from decisions about rates for heat, light, and water. Why?

Glenn lawyer argues for dismissal in election challenge

In a filing on Thursday, the lawyer for Rep. Jim Glenn presented five arguments for either deciding in Glenn's favor or dismissing the case entirely.

New sexual harassment details alleged; calls for resignation follow

KyCIR published details from a deposition in the Hoover harassment case; one official has resigned, and there are calls for others to resign as well.

How much is spent lobbying the executive branch? This bill will provide the answer.

There is currently no public record of how much businesses spend lobbying the executive branch of Kentucky government. SB6 would change that.

Freshman Democrats have one simple question as they fight to end shutdown: #WheresMitch?

Newly-elected House Dems wandered the Senate halls, looking for the one person besides Trump who has the power to shut down the shutdown: Mitch McConnell.

After audit calls for ‘change in culture,’ Kentucky Fish and Wildlife hires an insider

The Fish & Wildlife dept hired a new commissioner – the person who interviewed candidates for the job. This after an audit called for a "change in culture."

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News Briefs

Republican lawmaker and candidate for governor denies sexual assault allegations

Rep. Robert Goforth, a Republican candidate for governor, denied accusations of sexual assault made by a woman with whom he had a relationship a decade ago.

Guthrie believes deal possible on shutdown

Congressman Brett Guthrie believes the Trump administration and the Democrat-controlled House could end the shutdown by giving both sides what they want.

Civil rights groups join lawsuit to fight Kentucky’s felon voter ban

Kentucky has one of the highest rates of residents who can't vote because of felony convictions — but a recent federal lawsuit is seeking to change that. 

Kentucky lawmakers want to end mandatory fluoride in tap water. Dentists disagree.

Arguing against government overreach, two Kentucky lawmakers are sponsoring legislation that would let local communities stop fluoridating their drinking water.

Repub candidate for gov files bill to allow guns pretty much everywhere (incl schools)

Robert Goforth, who has filed to run for governor, has filed a bill that eliminates most location restrictions for persons with a concealed carry license.

Gov. Bevin calls special election for March 5th for 31st Senate District

Gov. Bevin has issued a writ of election for the 31st Senate District Seat, vacated by Sen. Ray Jones upon his election as Pike County Judge Executive.

Sen. Higdon to offer marijuana, expungement bills

Sen. Jimmy Higdon wants to give prosecutors more freedom in sentencing drug offenders and police officers less leeway in charging marijuana users.

Sen. Reggie Thomas files minimum-wage bill

Most states mandate a higher minimum wage than the federal $7.25 standard. KY does not, but supporters of a higher minimum wage are trying again.

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