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State government civics survey leaves many people stumped

Americans may need to brush up on their knowledge about state government, the results of a new survey suggests.

After lawmaker restored, reaction falls along party lines

Reaction to a Republican lawmaker in Kentucky regaining his leadership position after signing a sexual harassment settlement has fallen along party lines.

Lawmakers, business leaders urge McConnell to call for criminal justice reform vote

A bipartisan group of government and community leaders called on Senator McConnell to stop holding up a vote on a federal criminal justice reform bill.

Beshear donates $14,000 to atone for tainted contributions

AG Andy Beshear says he has donated more than $14,000 from his 2015 campaign to make up for tainted contributions orchestrated by his former chief deputy.

KY Youth Advocates release 2019 legislative agenda

Kentucky Youth Advocates and partners from across the commonwealth launched the Blueprint for Kentucky's Children's 2019 policy priorities.

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The Jim Glenn Case – Home page – Updated 12/11/18

After winning his Kentucky House race by one vote, and having that outcome certified by the State Board of Elections, Jim Glenn finds the...

Glenn’s lawyer, Anna Whites, issues press release

Jim Glenn's legal team, led by Frankfort lawyer Anna Whites, issued a press release on Monday, December 10, to accompany Glenn's Answer & Objection filing.

Glenn files response to Repub attack on election results

Representative-elect Jim Glenn has filed his response to the challenge raised by the losing Repub in the race. Here are the key points of the filing.

Glenn files motion to dismiss

The opening filing by Anna Whites, the lead lawyer for Jim Glenn in his election recount case. A fairly standard first step, but still worth doing.

Lame-duck power grabs escalate unsettling trend

The move by Repub legislators to strip power from incoming executive branch Democrats sets an unsettling, even anti-democratic trend, experts say.

Repub skips recount, appeals to House to win

After losing his race by one vote, Republican D.J. Johnson has bypassed the normal recount process and appealed directly to the KY House.

UK to pay dental professor $620,000 to settle lawsuit alleging he was terminated because he criticized governor’s Medicaid plan

UK has agreed to pay a former professor $620,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging he lost his job because he criticized Gov. Bevin's Medicaid plans.

Year-End Wrap – Bests, worsts, ins, maybes, likelys

Berry Craig gives us some "best of times, worst of times" comparisons for KY Dems as we wrap up 2018. He also gives us some possibles for the 2019 races!

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Publisher's Blog

Is McConnell in trouble?

With Maria Butina doing a plea deal and cooperating with Federal prosecutors, the question arises: Does this have implications for Mitch McConnell?

A nice word from a Republican legislator

After our story on Twitter blocks from Repubs, we got a message in return from one Republican lawmaker, with a word in it that meant a lot.

A small Republican block party

Was working on our public Twitter lists of Repubs and Dems in the state legislator, and wondered how many had blocked Forward Kentucky. Here's the list.