Shout Back to Forward Kentucky

Got something to tell us? You can Shout Back to us a number of ways.

Our regular feedback and contact channels

  • For website problems or suggestions, send an email to
  • Submit your events for the calendar using our event submission form.
  • Send your press releases and other media notices to
  • For general feedback, including questions, complaints, and compliments, send an email to
  • For story ideas, including background info, rumors, or things you think we should know where you don’t mind using your own email, you can also send an email to

How to submit one or more original articles

We regularly publish articles submitted by readers and others. If you have an article you would like us to consider publishing, send it to You can send it either in the body of the email itself, or attach it to the email.

Note that submitting something does not guarantee it will be published, and that the editing by the editor is final. 😉

How to contact us securely, including anonymously

None of the above methods of contacting us are entirely secure. Sometimes, though, readers and others have a need to contact us securely, or send us file securely. Examples would include whistleblowers or persons trying to expose corruption, but who cannot come forward on their own for some reason.

If you need to contact us and be guaranteed that your communication with us is secure, and even anonymous, then here are the ways to do that.

Secure messaging

We use Wire for secure instant messaging. To message us securely on Wire, you will need your own Wire account. There are paid plans on Wire, but there is also a free version on their website. Note that you cannot IM us securely using a regular IM client.

We keep our Wire IM software open during business hours, and check it occasionally on the weekend. If you send us an instant message on Wire, you may not get an immediate response, but we will try to get back to you as quickly as we can. Our Wire address is @ForwardKY.

Secure email

We use Tutanota for our secure email. Their service uses end-to-end encryption, which means no one can read your email but you and the person you send it to. (That includes their staff.) They are open source, and post their code for public examination by security experts.

Like Wire, to email us securely using Tutanota you will need your own Tutanota account. (If you send email to our Tutanota account from a regular email account, we will receive it, but it will not be encrypted and thus not secure.) You can get a free Tutanota account (for personal use only) on their website. We check our Tutanota account at least twice a day. Our Tutanota email address is

Secure contact form

Finally, if you need to contact us securely but don’t want to set up your own Wire or Tutanota account, you can use our secure contact form. This service is called Secure Connect, and is provided by Tutanota, so it is just as secure as their regular email service.

Using Secure Connect is more complicated than your regular contact form, in order to guarantee security. But, an extra benefit is that you can use it entirely anonymously. The service creates a random email address for you, so we will not know your name or email address unless you choose to provide them.

To use the Secure Connect contact form, go here. Instructions on use are in the “More Information” help link at the bottom of the page.