About Forward Kentucky

Forward Kentucky is the gathering site for all who care about progress in Kentucky. We are a family of progressive individuals and organizations dedicated to making our state better through the championing and application of progressive ideals. Many of us are Democrats, but the primary goal of the site is not to just win elections, but to fight for real change.

We have three long-term goals for the site:

  • A statewide voice focused on progressive issues across Kentucky, combining citizen journalism and opinion/editorials, and using various types of media (web, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • An informational and policy resource with accurate research, solid talking points, and white papers that can be used to support (or fight) legislation
  • A community of progressive activists that use the site to share information and to organize and take action

More Than a Gripe Center

Today’s political climate is full of negativism, anger, cynicism, and outrage. Some of it is real and deserved, while some of it is fake and generated to raise money. (“Angry about Rep. Otherside’s vote? Send us $3 so we can fight it!”) Well, Forward Kentucky is going to try to be different.

We will certainly get angry, and we will certainly call out people and institutions. But if we want people to do the right thing, shouldn’t we celebrate them when they do?  Most elected officials will tell you: they always hear about it when people disagree, but rarely do they get thanks or kudos.

thumbs-up-smallSo, one of the features of Forward Kentucky will be the “thumbs up” post, where we highlight some good action or result. They’ll be easy to spot — they’ll have a big thumbs-up logo at the front of the post.

When our government or institutions or businesses get it wrong, let’s call them out on it. And when they get it right, let’s thank and congratulate them. It’s part of being mature humans in a mature society.

And Finally … Partisan? Non-Partisan? How About BOTH!

As we’ve noted in earlier posts, the primary purpose of Forward Kentucky is to see progressive policies enacted, and society changed for the better, for all. That means that within the bounds of ethical and transparent behavior, we do all we can to see those things happen.

Therefore, we are non-partisan when it comes to issues and activism. If a Republican comes up with a progressive idea, we will work with her to get it in place. If a conservative wants to work with us on an issue, we’re fine with that. Business, labor, right, left, doesn’t matter — we forget the labels to get individual policies in place and to help make a better society.

But, we are partisan when it comes to getting progressives elected. We want to see more and more progressives in elected office. In today’s climate, this usually means Democrats — but not always. While there are few to none progressive Republicans, there are many conservative Democrats. We are looking for candidates that stand up for progressive values and ideas, and we don’t feel compelled to support someone just because there is a (D) after their name.

So don’t be surprised if we congratulate a Republican for supporting a certain issue, or show tempered enthusiasm for a conservative Democrat’s candidacy. And, don’t be surprised if we support good progressive candidates. That’s what we are: progressive.