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Berry Craig of Mayfield is a professor emeritus of history at West Kentucky Community College in Paducah and an author of five books on the Civil War in Kentucky. The last one, published by the University Press of Kentucky, is Kentucky’s Rebel Press: Pro-Confederate Media in the Civil War. His critically-acclaimed Kentucky Confederates: Secession, Civil War, and the Jackson Purchase, also from the University Press, has been reprinted in paperback.
William Coleman in the pulpit at the church he serves (photo courtesy of the candidate)

William Coleman: Baptist pastor and social worker to bring harmony to...

As a former Army MP who's now a Baptist pastor with two social work degrees, William Coleman thinks he's got the resume to bring harmony to the KY House.
Col Owens, candidate for KY House district 69 (photo provided by the candidate)

Col Owens running on education, jobs, health care, and pensions

Col Owens admits some don't like door knocks. “But when I say I’m running for the legislature, they soften. They like seeing a candidate, not a surrogate."

Another bizarre Bevinism

Gov. Matt Bevin either slept through history class, or he's fine with a form of debt serfdom that was common in early America.
The Koch Brothers, as imagined by Donkey Hotey

Koch cash flowing to Kentucky

The billionaire Koch brothers are buying flood insurance against a teacher-driven blue wave in Kentucky, by supporting six Repub incumbents.
Ronel Brown, candidate for Kentucky House, district 29 (photo by Berry Craig)

Ronel Brown: Firefighter-turned-teacher is now a candidate for Kentucky House

“My opponent has turned his back on working people, not only in my district, but across the commonwealth,” Ronel Brown said.
James DeWeese speaking at a rally in Frankfort (campaign photo)

James DeWeese: Ready to take on the bullies in Frankfort

"I have a track record of beating bullies, and I'm going to fight for working families against the Republicans' paycheck-cutting agenda." – James DeWeese
Rep. Attica Scott (campaign photo)

Attica Scott – Mentoring others and making a difference

Rep. Attica Scott has no opponent this fall, so she’s barnstorming the state, boosting and mentoring other Dem candidates. Read on to learn how it's going!
Rob Wiederstein, candidate for KY House, district 11 (photo courtesy of the candidate)

Rob Wiederstein: Former judge running to make Frankfort more effective and...

Rob Wiederstein says you can disagree and still be civil – but he's not backing down from his Dem-turned-Repub opponent in House district 11.
Dave Suetholz (photo by Berry Craig)

Dave Suetholz is running to represent the small farmers and working...

It looked like a campaign close encounter of the worst kind. When Dave Suetholz dropped by a rural farmhouse, the owner greeted him with a shotgun.
Joy Gray with some of her Emerge sisters (campaign photo)

House candidate says it’s time to “Choose Joy”

Joy Gray says the eyes have it. "Last time when I door-knocked, they wouldn't look me in the eye. This time, they look at me and say 'I'm voting for you.'"
Buddy Wheatley rallying in Frankfort with teachers (campaign photo)

Buddy Wheatley – Firefighter now ready to battle political blazes in...

Democrat Buddy Wheatley spent 20 years answering fire alarms in Covington. Now he’s ready to answer the call again, battling political blazes in Frankfort.
Susan Westrom (photo by Berry Craig)

Susan Westrom – Calling them as she sees them in Frankfort

State Rep. Susan Westrom is famous in Frankfort for "calling ‘em as she sees ‘em." Check out the beginning of the article for three great quotes.