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Joining Forward Kentucky

All the details about becoming a member of Forward Kentucky: why you should do it, what you get, and how to join.

Hello! I’m glad you’re considering becoming a member of the site. You may have some questions, though, so let me try to answer them. (And we’re having a membership sale right now, so read to the bottom to learn more!)

Why should I sign up?

Signing up as a member of ForwardKY gives you access to a number of perks, depending on what level of membership you choose. In addition, paying members help keep the site up and running so we continue to have a progressive voice for Kentucky politics.

What do I get for becoming a member?

As I said, there are different perks for different levels. Here’s the breakdown:

The Friend level (free)

  • Read all articles all the time, instead of just three a month
  • Add your comments to posts
  • Add your Likes to posts
  • Receive the weekly newsletter w/ updates about the site, and links to that week’s content, unless you opt out
  • Receive occasional Action Alerts, if you opt in
  • Receive the Daily Story List, if you opt in

The Patron level ($5 a month)

Everything in the Friend level, plus:

  • Access to the Bill Tracker
  • Access to the Legislator Scorecard
  • Access to Election Central

The Partner level ($9 a month)

Everything in the Patron level, plus:

  • Bruce’s “Daily Take” newsletter (opt in / opt out)
  • Your own custom bill sheet in the Bill Tracker
  • The daily General Assembly update (opt in / opt out)
  • Special online events such as interviews with elected officials
  • Online webinars and explainers (both live and recorded)

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Just click the Subscribe menu option, OR click the Subscribe Here button in the lower right of the home page, OR click the button below. Once you do, you should see a popup page with all the options. (Wait on the popup.) Enter your name and email, choose the membership level you want, choose the newsletters you want to receive, and enter your credit card information if you are choosing the Patron or Partner level. That’s it!

And, once you are a member, you don’t have to remember a password! Just enter the email you signed up with, and you’ll get a log-in link. Then read away!

Here’s the Subscribe button I was talking about. Just click it to go to the sign-up portal, and become a member. We’re looking forward to having you as part of the ForwardKY family!

The “Ready for ‘23” Membership Sale

In just a few weeks, it will be 2023, and that means two things:

  • The 2023 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, with hundreds of bills to keep track of; and
  • The election for governor and other statewide offices

Now more than ever, you need to be a paying member of Forward Kentucky so you can keep up with it all through our custom perks! And to help you do that, we are having a “Ready for ‘23” sale!

But take advantage of it now – the sale will end on December 26th! Just choose one of these two plans:

Ready for ‘23 – Patron Level

Get all the perks of the Patron membership level, including access to the Bill Tracker (our special software covering all the bills in KYGA23), as well as the Legislator Scorecard and Election Central. Normally $5 a month, but on sale for $3 a month for the first four months. Click here to learn more (wait for the popup).

Ready for ‘23 – Partner Level

Get everything the Patrons get, plus the daily KYGA Update that tells you everything that happened the day before in the General Assembly. What bills are moving? What’s happening in committees? Out of the hundreds of bills, which ones do you really need to pay attention to? It’s all in the KYGA Update – but only for members at the Partner level. Normally $9 a month, but on sale for $6 a month for the first four months. Click here to learn more (wait for the popup).