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Forward Kentucky is more than just words on a page! We support and create a good amount of media work as well, including podcasts, videocasts, and TikTok videos.

Each of our podcasts has its own page on the site, where you can learn more about the show and listen to the latest episodes. We also have a video page with links to all the video outlets.

Check out all the great work being done by the Forward Kentucky family of creators and channels!

Moving Kentucky Forward

A weekly show where publisher Bruce Maples interviews a newsmaker or thought leader. (Go)

The State of Kentucky

Bruce shares his analysis and insights on what is happening in Kentucky and beyond. New episodes are posted as created, but usually at least weekly. (Go)

My Old Kentucky Podcast

A weekly show by Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, split between excellent analysis by the co-hosts and an interview with a Kentucky newsmaker. One of the longer-running podcasts in Kentucky, and an excellent one as well. (Go)

Colonels of Truth

The weekly videocast/podcast by the folks over at Progress Kentucky. Lots of features in this show, including The Price Is Right, the Candidate Corner, and each week’s call to action. (Go)