AARP shares KY voter resources ahead of May 17 primary

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Guest Author

Ahead of Kentucky's May 17 primary election, residents have several ways to educate themselves on voting changes, deadlines, how to find their polling place, and the different options for casting their ballot.

AARP Kentucky has released a voter guide aimed at residents 50 and older.

A new redistricting plan has changed certain boundaries of some congressional and state legislative districts, and AARP Kentucky Executive Council Member Charles Williams explained that many affect which candidates appear on your ballot.

He said he hopes Kentuckians take time to vote in the primary, and says every voice counts.

"When I talk to individuals who complain about the state of affairs," said Williams, "the way things are going, the question I always ask is, did you vote?"

All registered voters can vote early and in person on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the primary. On election day, polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  

Williams noted that absentee voting is an option, but only for registered voters who meet certain criteria, including individuals temporarily living out of state or voters who are unable to vote in person because of an illness or disability.

Williams added there are several items on the ballot he wants to make sure the state's 50-plus residents are aware of.

"We're urging Congress to protect and improve Medicare benefits," said Williams. "We certainly are going to continue to fight to lower prescription-drug prices. "

Residents can find their polling location on the State Board of Elections website, and local information on voting from their county clerk's website.


Written by Nadia Ramlagan of KY News Service.

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