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Citizen Resources

Resources for informed citizens and activists.

Photo by Luis Villasmil / Unsplash

Here are various resources that are helpful for both staying informed and taking action. As we find more, we’ll add them here, so check back. And, if you know of one we should add, just drop us an email. Thanks!


If you’re not using ResistBot, you’re missing out. ResistBot is an automated service for sending messages to your elected representatives. You can use text messaging, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram. Here are some notes from a story at

  • Text RESIST to Resistbot on Telegram, Messenger, or to 50409 on text messaging on your phone to contact your elected officials today.
  • Text INVITE to invite your friends to Resistbot.
  • Once you and your friends have signed up, text REMINDERS to get a daily reminder to contact your elected officials, and ISSUES for ideas on what to write about.
  • Finally, consider donating to keep the ‘bot going! is a very rich site with many resources, including bills, committees, and people. You can read the full text of bills, see who the sponsors are, follow the votes, and so on. The home page of the site is actually a full-featured search page, with filters, search helps, and more. Go here to check it out!

Contacting Legislators

Federal – Call the Congress main line at (202) 224-3121. You will then be prompted to enter 1 for the Senate and 2 for the House. Once there, you enter your ZIP code, and you get connected to your rep’s Washington office. At that point, you’ll either speak with a staffer, or get to leave a message.

State – Call the LRC Comment Line at (800) 372-7181. Tell the person answering your name and address and the legislation you are calling about, preferably by bill number. Your comment gets transcribed on a “green slip,” which is then added to the stack for your legislator.

You can also call the main LRC line at (502) 564-8100, and ask for your legislator’s office, where you will get their office staff. Typically, you would leave a message, as it is hard for electeds to have time to talk on the phone.

There is also a Spanish-language LRC Comment Line at (866) 840-6574.

Tracking Legislation

Federal – There are a number of sites you can use to track bills at the Federal level. You can go right to, which has a robust search engine. Or, you can set up an account at, and then add trackers.

State – The state government has a billwatch service that is pretty good. You can set up an account, then add the bills you wish to track. There is also a Bill Status Line at (866) 840-2835. And of course, there are the ForwardKY Bill Trackers.

Other Numbers

There is a Meeting Information Line at LRC that will tell you about committee meetings and such – it’s (800) 633-9650.