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The ForwardKY Index

The ForwardKY Index is one way to see what content we have of a given type, or on a given topic.

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi / Unsplash

From talking with our readers, we know that some people want to consume our content in order; others only want to get a certain type of content, such as only the News stories; and still others want to follow a certain topic, like education. So, to make it easier for you to use Forward Kentucky, we created this index page. (And we use “consume” and not “read” because our content is more than words – there’s podcasts, and videos, and cartoons as well.)

The one section of this page that will change and grow over time is the Topics list. We may decide to split a topic into two or more topics – or, we may decide to collapse multiple topics into one, as dictated by the number of stories.

Finally, if you have suggestions on how to make either this Index, or anything on the site, easier to use, send them to Thanks!


  • You can use the built-in search by clicking the search icon at the top left. Type your search term and hit Enter; the results will display in the same popup.
  • Here is a custom Google search for a name on the site; just put the name you are searching for inside the quote marks.
  • You can use that same Google query to search for anything on the site, by putting your search term between the quote marks.

Content Types

These are the various types of content on the site. Some content is in more than one category. Each category has its own page and description of the content.

FeaturePress ReleaseInvestigationFact CheckEvent

Content Topics (underway)

These are the topics for the content on the site. Note that not every piece of content has a topic, such as Meta articles. Also, some newsletters under a given topic are accessible only by certain member levels.

As explained above, this taxonomy will evolve over time. If you have suggestions regarding it, please send them to the Webmaster address above.