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Fact check: Evidence supports Democrats’ case that Joe Biden made a personal loan to his brother

Once again, James Comer has been caught promoting a nothing-burger.

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On October 20, House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer released a video raising questions about a 2018 personal check to Joe Biden from his brother James Biden and James’ wife Sara Biden, which had the words “loan repayment” written on the front. Comer said he would view the $200,000 check to Joe Biden as “troubling” even if it was a loan repayment, since it came on the same day that James Biden received $200,000 from a struggling health company he did business with.

Then Comer went further.

In a series of interviews with conservative media outlets, Comer, a Republican, repeatedly said he did not “believe” that Joe Biden had actually made a loan to his brother. And when Democratic members of the committee and a lawyer for James Biden said that Comer’s committee has documents that show there had indeed been a $200,000 loan from Joe Biden to James Biden, less than two months prior to the $200,000 check from James Biden and his wife to Joe Biden that said “loan repayment,” Comer declared that the Democrats were “lying” – saying that “at the end of the day, there’s no document that shows there was a loan.”

But banking records reviewed by CNN, which Comer’s committee possesses, provide substantial evidence in support of the Democrats’ assertions that there was indeed a $200,000 loan from Joe Biden to James Biden less than two months before the James Biden “loan repayment” check to Joe Biden for the same amount.

The evidence CNN has reviewed is almost certainly only a fraction of the evidence Comer’s Republican-controlled committee has obtained, given that the committee subpoenaed years of financial records; the fraction CNN has seen does not prove with absolute certainty that there was a loan. But even this small batch of evidence clearly shows that the Democrats have documents at least partially substantiating their assertions about the check – and that Comer has not yet released some documents that undercut his efforts to raise public suspicions about the Bidens.

Read the rest at CNN.

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