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ForwardKY contributors win six awards

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Every year, the Kentucky Press Association holds a contest to grant various awards: best editorial writer, best breaking news photo, and so on. And in this year’s contest, contributors to Forward Kentucky won six of those awards.

As you can tell by the name, KPA has historically been for newspapers, as in printed on paper and delivered to your doorstep. A few years ago, they decided to let online-only news outlets join, and Forward Kentucky was proud to be one of the first. (Frankly, we considered it a small validation of the “objective news” part of our mission to be allowed to join.)

When the contest was announced at the end of last year, we decided to post a number of entries in various categories. Because we post multiple stories a day, we were put into the “daily newspaper” category, and our “circulation” (page views) put us into the “Daily 2” class, along with newspapers like the Frankfort State Journal and the Winchester Sun.

In the Daily 2 class, then, here are the awards won by these people for their work at Forward Kentucky, along with comments from the judges:

Best Editorial Writer — 3rd place — Berry Craig

“Is Trump our version of Buzz Windrip?” (link)

These are “Take no prisoners” editorials.

Best General News Photo — 1st place — Nick Lacy

Law enforcement and BLM protesters kneel together in Danville.

A scene played out across the country, and appears it got somewhat of a resolve with both sides being calm and listening to one another.

Best Feature Photo — 1st place — Del Ramey

Praying at the Tyler Gerth memorial

The emotion in this photo is what puts it in the top spot. A difficult situation handled with care.

Best Photo Essay — 1st place — Del Ramey

Louisville Kids March (link)

This young lady led some of the call-and-response chants, and did it perfectly.
This young lady led some of the call-and-response chants, and did it perfectly.

Several excellent photos showing an important event from start to finish, including behind-the-scenes and plenty of emotion. Well done.

Best Photo Essay – 2nd and 3rd Place – Del Ramey

Del also won 2nd and 3rd place awards in this category, thus sweeping the awards!

We posted a number of other entries that did not win awards in this contest. But let’s be clear – ALL of our contributors are winners, and do solid work. I am proud of the awards, of course, but more proud of all the work we have done together over the past four years to grow Forward Kentucky and expand our voice.

Congrats to all the award winners, and to all of our contributors!


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