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HERE’S the school content that should make you upset.

Forget the three Rs. Now we’re having to teach our children the Three Words.

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Three little words:

Run.  Hide. Fight.

Three little words that we are having to teach our children:

  • Run for your life and get out if you can.
  • If you can’t run, then hide.
  • If there’s no where to run or hide; then fight. For your life.

This is what we are teaching our children: how to deal with a shooter in their school.

Our children.

And we are having to teach these defensive mechanisms against cowardly killers because our gun-culture society cannot accept the simple fact that guns in the hands of cowardly killers indeed DO kill people. Specifically, they kill our children.

Sixty-seven mass shootings have occurred in this country since the first of this year. Sixty-seven mass shootings in just 45 days – more than one a day.

Instead of seeing this great country as the land of the free, the rest of the world sees us for what we are: a gun culture. A culture so tied to our guns we allow anyone and everyone to have weapons – including weapons of war.

Do you know there are more guns than people in this country?

Do you know the term “Iron River”? It is the name given to the hundreds of thousands of guns bought in the US that are then sold on the black market to the drug cartels south of the border, who in turn murder and terrorize citizens who flee north to try to find safety. Did you know that the Iron River is actually a major cause of the wave of immigrants at the southern border?

But even in the face of these realities,

  • Our government and the NRA won’t allow the Center for Disease Control to research gun violence.
  • Our government and the NRA don't want red flag laws that will take guns out of the hands of potential murderers.
  • Our government and the NRA want to lower the age of gun ownership to 18 – if there is even a legal age at all.

There is a disconnect here. A disconnect that is, not so slowly, destroying our country.

While people storm our boards of education wanting to ban books and to control what their children are taught; they forget the other thing their children are being taught: shooter drills. Run. Hide. Fight.

There is no question, it is high time – past time, even – for sanity to return to our society and our government.

Stop allowing small voices to become loud; no one wants your hunting rifles, folks. What is wanted — what is needed — is to stop the inane worship of all things gun.

Otherwise, we will be stuck with three little words: Run. Hide. Fight.


Written by Debby Lucas Angel, a former candidate for Kentucky House and a farmer in eastern Kentucky.

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