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KY120 AFT statement on HB 173, an omnibus anti-trans bill

HB 173 was filed on Tuesday, 2/7, with Josh Calloway of Irvington as prime sponsor. This is KY120’s statement in response.

Received via email from KY120 United AFT spokesperson regarding HB 173

While we are disgusted and disappointed, we are not surprised that the nasty bigotry and hate towards our LGBTQ+ community has now been packaged by the majority party nicely and neatly into a “parental rights” bill. We live in a state with one of the highest child abuse rates per capita; we can accurately say that not all children are safe at home. So to take schools, a safe space where these children are protected and respected as they grow, and to make it into a political machine that harasses children and teachers at the whims of Frankfort, is something we will not tolerate.

The irony of this bill dropping shortly after a committee meeting regarding the teacher shortage is not lost on us. It was clearly lost on some of the people sitting on that committee.

Let us be clear – we will fight against and stand firmly opposed to ANY bill that bullies or singles out the students we serve or the teachers who serve them. We will also protect and defend our LGBTQ staff members from these disgusting  and clearly politically motivated attacks. We trust that this is what ALL parents expect from public schools, and we will fight alongside them to protect our students and teachers every step of the way.

(s) KY120 United AFT


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