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Story List for Monday, 1/9

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The puppet now running the House
In the end, Matt Gaetz and his buds told McCarthy to jump, and he asked “How high?”
The State of the Race as of 1/8/23
Money doesn’t determine the winner, but it certainly affects a candidate’s chances. Here’s the latest on Election 2023.
Comparing Kevin McCarthy to ‘Silent Cal’ Coolidge – really?
Maybe comparing McCarthy to Calvin Coolidge – whose policies led to the Great Depression – isn’t the best idea.
Hakeem Jeffries explains Dem principles – using the alphabet
The leader of the Democrats in the U.S. House laid out what they stood for, in a speech the video of which went viral almost immediately.
The deadline has passed. Who’s in for 2023?
The moment you’ve all been waiting for: seeing who is ACTUALLY in for the 2023 election.
Think blue counties are worse to live in than red counties? Think again.
Many of my Republican friends believe gun deaths and other forms of violence are worse in Blue states than in Red ones. The facts, as revealed in data from the recent census, as well as from the CDC and the IRS, tell a very different story.
Repubs ignore pleas to invest in our people, give giant tax break to the rich
For most Kentuckians, additional sales taxes will wipe out the tax cut.

Cross-posted content

‘What did McCarthy promise?’
Concerns raised over backroom deals with GOP extremists (via Common Dreams)
Bill Straub: Jamie Comer, the fascinating Rubber Man, is turning into a MAGA hero before our very eyes
Comer: “When you talk about what the Biden family was doing, I’m not sure it was illegal.”
Regressive Kentucky laws are bringing back the Bad Old Days
At one time, we passed bills that actually HELPED our people. Why are we going backwards?

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