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Elementary school students building ROVs (photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Vaughan Dill [public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

With deadly shootings on their minds, lawmakers unveil SB1 to try to make schools...

State Sen. Max Wise unveiled a bi-partisan, comprehensive 30-page bill (SB1) on Wednesday intended to make Kentucky schools safer.
Hollan Holm Speech

Heath shooting survivor speaks at anti-gun-violence rally

Hollan Holm, a survivor of the Heath High school shooting, spoke at the recent anti-gun-violence rally in Murray. Here is the video of his speech.
"Wear Orange" for National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Paducah marks National Gun Violence Awareness Day

The Jackson Purchase is pro-gun and pro-Trump country. But the mayor of the region's main town is the first mayor in the country to proclaim June 2 as "National Gun Violence Awareness Day," an annual observance the National Rifle Association ridiculed as "pointless" and "a thinly-veiled anti-gun stunt."

Before Chris Harris and Will Coursey, there was … Jeff Taylor

Prior to the 2016 election, Taylor lit into the NRA at a debate with his Republican opponent. “I took a huge risk, and stood up long before my friends Chris Harris and Will Coursey did,” he said. “They are getting the press now. However, I, as a lone freshman, spoke up and spoke out."

Indivisible NKY condemns Fiscal Court actions in support of arming teachers

Last Tuesday, a group that supports arming teachers asked the Boone County Fiscal Court to support their effort, and the Fiscal Court members passed a resolution doing just that. In response, Indivisible NKY District 4 issued the following statement condemning those actions:
National School Walkout

National school walkout comes to Kentucky on Wednesday

The national "school walkout" is planned for this Wednesday, and schools across Kentucky are participating. The 17-minute walkout has a twofold purpose: to stand in memory of the 17 students and adults killed in the Stoneman Douglass school massacre, and to demand that lawmakers pass effective gun-control legislation.

Youth-led “March for Our Lives” events across Kentucky

On March 24, young people and their supporters will take to the streets to demand that Congress pass legislation to address gun violence. The Kentucky events are part of the March for Our Lives movement, started by Florida studentsl after the recent massacre at their school left 17 students and adults dead.
Mass Shooting Stats in US

Despair and hope in the era of mass shootings

I have a 14-month-old son, and of course, I worry a lot. I worry about him falling; I worry about him outsmarting our cabinet locks. And from the day he was born, I haven’t gone into a single building without worrying about how to get him to safety if someone were to open fire while we were inside.

Conservative gun logic, applied

Whenever common-sense gun laws are mentioned, conservatives have a set of pat answers that they always use to tell why such laws are unfair, unreasonable, or unworkable. But what if we took that same logic and applied it to other dangers? Aaron Smith does just that ... and shows how silly conservative gun logic is.

Pikeville, two Georgia students would like to have a word with you

As reported earlier this week, the Pike County school system has voted to arm its teachers. There's been much discussion about this action. But perhaps, in the midst of the discussion, we should listen to two students who have experienced armed teachers ... in their own school.

Bevin, Massie advocate against gun control

In separate interviews on Sunday and Monday, Governor Bevin and Congressman Thomas Massie said gun control laws would not make a difference in lowering the rates of school shootings. In addition, Massie advocated for arming teachers.

Video F5 – Pension, poison, guns, and cigarettes

Today's video version of the Forward Five: Plusses and minuses of the pension bill; Kentucky poison control center cut; Chris Harris, D-KY93, turns back on NRA and says it's time to do something about guns; Cigarette tax lobbying shows interest in bill; Letter sent to UofL prez over Vickie Glisson contract.

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