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Volunteers needed for last-minute GOTV efforts

Here are five volunteer opportunities to do GOTV work today and tomorrow – including two you can do from home!

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Here are five GOTV events happening today and tomorrow. Some are in person, and some are virtual. Click the link to sign up!

Knocking doors in West Louisville

Monday and Tuesday; multiple times available. Click here to sign up.

Knocking doors in Rowan County

Monday and Tuesday; multiple times available. Click here to sign up.

Virtual Automated Phone Bank

Monday (today), 5-7 PM. Hosted by Rideshare2Vote. Using an online, automated calling system, we will inform/remind voters of our program and offer them a free round-trip ride to the polls if they need it! Click here to sign up.

Statewide GOTV Phone Bank

Monday (today), 6-8:30 PM. Our last big phone bank day reached almost 5,000 voters, so we're going to do one last one on Monday. The way our dialer works, we can actually reach more people per caller the more callers we have, so your participation could make a big difference! Click here to sign up.

Give Rides to the Polls

Tuesday, 6 AM to 6 PM. Statewide; hosted by KFTC. Kentuckians who need rides to the polls are signing up at and we need people to sign up to help get them to the polls! Click here to sign up.


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