A letter from a repulsed Kentuckian

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Guest Author

The following is a letter from philanthropist Christy Brown, reprinted with permission

Dear Caring Citizen,

After seeing Senator Rand Paul’s advertisement that he released instead of attending a moderated discussion with his political opponent, I could not stay silent. How far candidates decide to go says everything about their character. It is immoral for a United States Senator to lie in this manner, to assign guilt where there was none, and to lower the civil discourse to such a dangerous standard.

It is immoral to work to galvanize anger in this manner by sparking fear with a pack of lies. The ad tells us a lot about Paul’s lack of honest values and unacceptable judgement, allowing all of Kentucky and America to see that Rand Paul simply should not be representing our beloved Kentucky in a leadership role.

Charles Booker is tough enough to have protected a good heart through real-life adversity. On the other hand, Rand Paul’s angry heart clearly needs healing.

As Herschel Walker’s son reminded us of this week, lies are corrosive. Not only are they corrosive within families, but they are corrosive to our Democracy. We must each stand up to these assaults on truth. This deceitful discourse is absolutely sinful and is terminally harmful to the health of all of our beloved Kentucky.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we vote! I hope we can all inspire hundreds to write letters to our representatives – we must go on the record letting the world know we expect more from all leadership.


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