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State Races – Finances

Here you go – the first fund-raising report of this year’s state races!

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Here we are – the first reporting period for this spring’s primary. And we’ve got the numbers for you to peruse, analyze, worry about, talk about, and generally geek out on.

Notes on the Finance Table

  • We’ve only included competitive races – ones where there is either a contested primary in a party, or a contested race in the fall, or both. If a district only has one filed candidate, that district is not included.
  • Within each district, we’ve indicated the party of the individual candidates by both name and color.
  • If a candidate has green cells in their money columns, it means that they told the Election Finance folks that they were going to raise less than $3,000. Candidates who file that intent don’t have to do fund-raising reports. Note, though, that some candidates file that way, then wind up raising more than $3,000. If that happens, they are supposed to file a new letter of intent to change to the “over $3,000” category.
  • If a candidate has purple in their money columns, it means there was not a report for them, or they are not registered with KREF.
  • Hyphens in the money columns stand for zeros.

I’ll be doing some articles this week digging into these numbers, so watch for those.

And remember, this will be added to Election Central, which means that after a few days it will only be accessible to paying members. So, if you are a free member, or not a member at all, now would be a good time to upgrade to paid!

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