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Abortion in KY: Allowed for now, but AG keeps appealing to higher courts

Kentucky’s trigger law is not in effect at the moment, due to a number of court rulings – but AG Cameron is continuing his appeals of those rulings.

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After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, Kentucky’s “trigger law” immediately became active, basically banning all abortions in the state. Since then, the situation has gone through these stages in short order:

  • The ACLU filed a lawsuit, claiming that the law violated the Kentucky Constitution and asking for a restraining order.
  • Circuit Judge Mitch Perry granted their request for the RO on Thursday, June 30. This allowed abortions to resume in the state.
  • Attorney General Daniel Cameron asked the Court of Appeals to stay Judge Perry's ruling and put the law back into effect.
  • On Saturday, the Court of Appeals ruled against Cameron, refusing to stay the restraining order, thus leaving the RO in effect and blocking the trigger law until a full hearing can be held on the original ACLU lawsuit.
  • AG Cameron has now filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of Kentucky (SCOKY) asking them to overturn all the lower court rulings and reinstate the trigger law.

In filing the appeal with SCOKY, Cameron said, “We are exhausting every possible avenue to have Kentucky’s Human Life Protection Act and Heartbeat Law reinstated. There is no more important issue than protecting life, and we are urging the state’s highest court to consider our request for emergency relief.”

No word yet from the court as to when it will issue a response to Cameron, but presumably it will be this week, due to the urgency of the request.


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